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LOOKS THAT KILL Official Trailer (2020) Brandon Flynn, Romance Movie HD

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LOOKS THAT KILL Official Trailer (2020) Brandon Flynn, Julia Goldani Telles, Teen Romance Movie HD
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Rando: dies
Max's father: damn it Max--
What a supportive father.

by Marissa Nardino 1 week ago

Imagine if he is a YouTuber and and his fans wants him to do a face reveal...

by VT gaming 1 week ago

He casually murdered someone and his father sounds so exasperated.

by noobmaster 6969 1 week ago

Despite of the fact that his face is covered.... That smile

by BINARY WOLF 1 week ago

Max Father: With great power comes great responsibilty
Max: *shows face to someone he warned
Max Father: Dammit max !!!
Max: Told ya im not spiderman

by Lance Chinoda 1 week ago

So they killed off Justin Foley and I can't even see his face on this.

by Mary Thomas 1 week ago

Theory:Brandon Flynn is gonna be the new Timothee Chalamet of July

by Dani Quinn 1 week ago

So he is like a perfect weapon and American govt. Is just ignoring his abilities that's BS

by karna pratap singh 2 weeks ago

This is the strangest, oddest, and most unusual trailer I’ve ever seen. Yet, I am intrigued beyond words..

by JamesJames69 1 week ago

I’m just impressed that they managed to make a movie about a person murdering people at sight (basically intense medusa) a romantic comedy instead of horror and without it even seeming dark in the slightest .....

by Alison R 1 week ago

Wait why is he trying to jump off a bridge, can't he just look in a mirror

by panda 1 week ago

Plot Twist: he has the monty python "funniest joke" written on his face.

by Lucas Youell 1 week ago

“Damn it Max...”

I love how the parents are just used to him accidentally killing people XD

by Film Star 4 weeks ago


Phrases that we’re taken to littoral and made into a movie!

by Foxtail Clips 1 week ago

Yes of course, the coincidental show up quirky girl falls in love with him at a low point not because of his looks but because his personality and helps him with his insecurity, then their love will be so strong he can show her his face cliche

by Bradley 1 week ago

This is basically a movie about how brandon flynnn is TOO HOT TO LOOK AT

by janadegg II 4 weeks ago

I think we can all agree, Brandon is an incredible actor.

by Sophia Avila 1 week ago

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