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OMB Peezy - Reminder [Official Video]

OMB Peezy photo 1 OMB Peezy - Reminder [Official... OMB Peezy photo 2 OMB Peezy - Reminder [Official... OMB Peezy photo 3 OMB Peezy - Reminder [Official... OMB Peezy photo 4 OMB Peezy - Reminder [Official...

“Dont care bout clothes it’s jus a reminder”🔥

by Jordan Barr 1 months ago

You know you early when you see real comments.

by ThatRandomB 1 months ago

I’m tryna get like peezy and his girl 💯💯

by King Mouse 1 months ago

Why Peezy Not Hitting A Mil In A Hr? When it start adding up , don’t say y’all been down . PEEZY!

by Yung Smith 1 months ago

I wish someone would give this man the recognition he deserves alreadyyy

by Naomi Gomez 1 months ago

Peezy u prolly ain't gon see this but u needa do a mixtape or at least a song with lil poppa 💯

by He_Buck 1 months ago

Stg OMB Peezy 🙏🏽one of the most slept on street niggas out give this dude love no cap 🚫🧢 he got a King’s Mentality👑🧠

by Steven Rodriguez 4 weeks ago

do 100 years next bro👏🏽

by Blickooo 1 months ago

OMB Peezy go in HAM on this, BANGER! He aint like all these other trappers out there these days who just be usin Authenticviews Com to get they views up... NAA he a real talented artist <3

by Alexandria Tiffany 1 months ago

Slept on 🥱😴

by KashFN 1 months ago


by Jelly Fam 1 weeks ago

"She wanna hug but them diamonds gon blind her"🥶

by Tariq Mitchell 1 months ago

This song low-key a vibe

by kell 9095 1 months ago

You been wit Seddy Ik he got you in them vibes 😂 drop the tape w em Ik y’all got one

by MWFtmone 1 months ago

It’s a goooo🧡🧡🧡🧡I love Peezyyy he so hard with this rap shit🔥🔥🔥

by Malaysha Smith 1 months ago

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