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MrBeast forgot to stop recording.. (VERY RUDE)

#mr beast fortnite #rude #beastreacts #meeting mrbeast #Entertainment
MrBeast forgot to stop recording.. (VERY RUDE)
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Video owned and uploaded by Oboat dad. (The owner of this channel.)

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Oboat photo 1 MrBeast forgot to stop recording..... Oboat photo 2 MrBeast forgot to stop recording..... Oboat photo 3 MrBeast forgot to stop recording..... Oboat photo 4 MrBeast forgot to stop recording.....


by Oboat 2 months ago

⬇️This is all the times Obeat is lying about everything.

by The J Squad 1 month ago

He’s not rude in any of the clips

by Leon Long 5 days ago

How is Mr.Beast being rude?! He’s literally just talking.

by Chickenade. com 6 days ago

“He got VERY MAD!”

In a calm, nice voice
“It’s inside the circle”

by Eckie Fleckie 5 days ago

Mr beast: gives Chris free things
Oboat: jesus christ man so rude

by mr poptart 4 days ago

Click.Bait. but this guy doesn't care. If it gets him views he'll do it.

by its just luke Revive 2 months ago

The real title: Oboat lose his brain cells

by Ember XX 6 days ago

How many times can one guy say ‘guys’ in a clip?

by david anderson 4 days ago

Jimmy: * aggressively breathes *
Oboat: I met mr beast in person, he spit in my face, called me names, and took back the $5 he gave me

by Ding dong ur opinion is wrong 3 days ago

“And then mr.beast started being really rude”

“This gets absolutely insaane”

by Märjørie Ånïmåtes 2 days ago

Tarantula taste like chicken. Anyway MrBeast is amazing

by Ray Mak 1 month ago

Bro this guy emphasizes EVERY SINGLE LAST SOUND OF A WORD “It’s absolutely inSaaaane” or “so you don’t miss what happenssssss”

by Lucas Young Gaming 4 days ago

Oboat: WATCH TO END me: sees comment look at him acting all cool he's an asshole

by John Hammond 4 days ago

Is anyone else noticing that he’s replaying almost the same clip every time??😡😡😡

by XxHoodie _ WolfiexX 5 days ago

“Its absolutely INSANE” when he says insane and like the words at the end it sounds like those top 5 you tubers who swore on stream voices and crap ngl lol

by GhostFoxIOI 2 days ago

How many people reported him as "spam or misleading" content.

by DarkDepression 1 month ago

Mrbeast: gives 1,000$ to 15 random strangers
Oboat: man he is rude

by Monester khalid 18 hours ago

no one:
oboat: “WaTcH tO tHe EnD. Mr BeAsT iS vErY rUdE”

me: watches the game he’s playing

by cloudsss haha 2 days ago

The owner of this channel probably looks like a discord mod.

by Res 3 days ago

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