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Oats Studios - Volume 1 - Rakka

Oats Studios photo 1 Oats Studios - Volume 1... Oats Studios photo 2 Oats Studios - Volume 1... Oats Studios photo 3 Oats Studios - Volume 1... Oats Studios photo 4 Oats Studios - Volume 1...

Wtf!? They make a better story in a free 20 min video than 100$ billion budget film

by Vrosse Gerge 2 years ago

This is probably the best alien invasion movie I've ever seen. Will there be Volume 2??? Just make this a movie pls. I'd buy it.

by Emerald Weapon I Hate Busters 4 weeks ago

The fact that YouTube recommended me this in 2020 is really concerning

by mohamed ali 3 months ago

This Needs to be a 3 hour long movie, would definietly pay to see it.

by Serdar Joshua 3 months ago

''The new world altered everyone. Adapt or die, it was as simple as that.''

- 2020 under COVID-19

by Nipulkrad Msinatagras 2 weeks ago


by DAKthe 3 years ago

Now THIS is an alien invasion story that actually makes the aliens feel scary and threatening. These aliens are downright horrifying.

by Atlant-Ethan 2 months ago

The only bad thing about this short movie is that we dont know whats that kind of angels just before the chapter 2

by earl starck 2 days ago

A war between reptilians and humans. Looks like it's not just a movie.

by DJOXyGeNe8 3 months ago

this is brilliant in every way. make a full movie guys, or better make a series out of this.

by manish Rawat 1 month ago

When the prawns come back to earth haha

by SILVER SPADES 3 years ago

At this point when the aliens do come in 2020 everyone on Earth is gonna be like “you’re late, we were expecting you in February.”

by Jamison Peel 2 months ago

honestly this year has been so garbage i wouldn't even be surprised if this actually happened

by Reb 2 months ago

Listening to this all I could think about was “terminator”. Great short 👍

by terry peters 2 months ago

This is basically 2020's biggest surprise coming by September

by Zeun Torres 3 months ago

A twenty minute youtube video is better than 99% of the rubbish the big studios have brought out for the last 15 years.

by BlackPhillip 3 years ago

So huh, from a guy coming off playing Death Stranding, I can see Kojima borowed about 3/4 of your ideas. 😷🤫😂

by Bolduk 3 months ago

who's watching while reading comments? also during quarantine.

by Mr. Black Cat 3 months ago

Need to see a WHOLE FEATURE of this.

by Capt. Tripps 3 months ago

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