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Tyler, The Creator: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

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Watch Tyler, The Creator play "Boredom", "See You Again" and "Glitter"at the Tiny Desk.
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Content advisory: The video above may contain language that is offensive to some.
Dec. 11, 2017 | Sidney Madden -- Tyler, The Creator's Tiny Desk performance was a first for many reasons. It was the Los Angeles rapper's first time performing at our offices, but moreover, it was the Tiny Desk's first nighttime performance, a special request from Tyler and his team in order to professionally light the "stage" themselves. Members of Tyler's lighting crew came to the office a day before to set it up, eventually bathing him and his band in shades of fuchsia, orange and blue — one for each song — during the early evening show.
Flower Boy, Tyler's latest album, is much like this Tiny Desk performance; a surprising departure from the expected. Four albums in, he has matured as a producer, rapper and human being. Often equated to hip-hop's class clown, the 26-year-old peels back his own mask of immaturity to reveal a young adult grappling with anxiety, fear and uncertainty of self.
After he was done, Tyler did something of a modified mic-drop, throwing his tambourine in celebration of what he and his band had accomplished. Always one to stay casually connected with his fans, Tyler made time — nearly an hour after the performance was done —- to pose for photos, sign merch and crack jokes with (and on) everyone around him.
Set List
"See You Again"
Tyler Okonma (vocals, keys), Jaret Landon (MD/Keys) Dré Pinckney (Bass), Dalton Hodo (Drums), Kaye Fox (background vocals), Kiandra Richardson (background vocals)
Producers: Bob Boilen, Morgan Noelle Smith; Creative Director: Bob Boilen; Audio Engineer: Josh Rogosin; Lighting: Max McDougall; Videographers: Morgan Noelle Smith, Maia Stern, Beck Harlan, Alyse Young; Production Assistants: Paul Wichmann, Salvatore Maicki; Photo: Jennifer Kerrigan/NPR
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so nice of the female singers to invite tyler to watch their performance!

by erin 10 months ago

2020 and im using this piece of art as an escape from the reality that we live in

by jeff endaya 2 months ago


by asialyn 5 months ago

"Let's go Spanish", said Tyler before going Brazilian.

by Ricardo Vergara 4 months ago

To be 100% honest he’s actually not that bad of a singer that he thinks he is . Not all that great , but it’s definitely soothing and enjoyable .

by Playboi_bardiii 3 months ago


by eeep eeppp 7 months ago

Borom borom borom borom borom borom borom borom borom borom borom borom borom borom borom

by Optimus Prime 2 months ago

okay but the female singers are so beautiful omg

by annuh 4 months ago

I wonder if you look AARGH AARGH when you cross my mind

by Joe Muschialli 4 months ago

Tyler keeping his attention to the singers and communicating with the band throughout the set is pure class and musicality.

by Luke MacLean 1 year ago

he’s so respectful and funny at the same time... how

by Jolie Kerwin 3 months ago

I love how Tyler gave his band attention and acknowledged then

by PineappleSplash 5 months ago

This is the sole reason on why I created English.

by Madvillainy 1 month ago

These audio techs are gods, to be able to get this sound quality in that setting.

by Carutrees 5 months ago

Imagine this being your introduction to Tyler

by Kaya Monaco 1 year ago

Why did I wait 2 years to watch this

by Stayce GMST 1 month ago

Just realized that the girl says “November is over”, cause that’s what is written in Tyler’s shirt.

by Lucas Viegas 2 months ago

I honestly don’t understand how some people can dislike a video like this

by Nathaniel Kamphuis 4 months ago

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