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Sandy Munro: "Tesla Lies"? | In Depth

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On today's episode of "In Depth" Zac & Jesse talk Tesla with Sandy Munro!
#Tesla #sandymunro #modely Huge thanks to Sandy Munro and his team!.
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Now You Know photo 1 Sandy Munro: Now You Know photo 2 Sandy Munro: Now You Know photo 3 Sandy Munro: Now You Know photo 4 Sandy Munro:

The more I learn about Sandy Munro.. the more I believe he one of the most underappreciated people in contributions to transportation -engineering. ie Who else send 200 plus ideas to improve Tesla products... and they listen! Bonus He makes learning about transportation engineering easy and fun. Sandy, thanks for giving back.

by Shaun Beauclair 2 months ago

I had the pleasure of working with Sandy in the mid 80's while designing life-sustaining Ventilators. I have never met a more knowledgeable and friendly person on all things "Design". I have the pleasure of calling him my friend.

by Ben Kanobe 2 months ago

The more I listen to Sandy, the more I like him. He's a straight shooter and seems like a decent person too.

by Andy 2 months ago

In my Army career, innovators were told to be quiet and go along. In the Civil Serice too, innovation was not usually rewarded. Then I worked for 10 years in private industry where I expected it to be different...sadly, it was not. It is so refreshing to see Munro prospering and Tesla apparently listening!
Dr. W. Edwards Deming ideas are finally getting traction. I'm smiling!

by Rodney L Wright 2 months ago

Quite frankly.., that was the most enjoyable interview from the "In Depth" series from NYK yet. And I think Sandy is dead right that Tesla underplays their advances. Plus, they often put things into practice and tell the world about it later.
EDIT: And Part 2 to come!

by Rambler Andy 2 months ago

If theres ever a crash landed Alien ship found, send it straight to Sandy. Im sure thayll figure it out in a jiffy. :D

by MrZerlex 2 months ago

That time mr. Munro hacked Ford to buy better mashines for Ford, LOL

by Ilkanar 2 months ago

"I would be popping champagne because we would see improvements in the planet in a really short period of time" Love Sandy great episode on a great show

by Eric Walsh 2 months ago

I lasted only 4 years as an engineer until I quit and started my own business. Completely understand Sandy's old Ford stories.

by FCV19 2 months ago

I live 10 minutes from Sandy's Firm, I worked instacart for the first 3 months of the pandemic. Can confirm I was getting FAT (50$+) tips, every day delivering groceries. @

by Michael Allen 2 months ago

I could listen to Sandy talk Tesla all day.
I could also listen to Sandy talk ways to get almost fired from Ford all day. This section was golden :-)

by TheSolarFuture Enthusiast 2 months ago

Very good interview, it was nice how you let Sandy talk, without you interrupting! Great job!!!

by Steve Dutcher 2 months ago

"Tesla lies"...."They understate continuously"

by Jim C 2 months ago

$10??!! A extreme high quality mechanical engineering course for less than a parking space at our local college. NICE!

by Kent Olsen 2 months ago

We need more Sandy's!! That's an Engineer!! 3 Thumbs up!

by Jurgen Traude 2 months ago

I met Sandy 20 years ago when I was working on the C-17 cargo jet. Sandy is super clever. He had a ton of great ideas for us. We were working on cost reduction projects through design iterations. Some of the guys were giving him a rash of crap. He was experienced with organizational resistance.

by James DellaNeve 2 months ago

When Tesla started talking about the โ€œmillion mile batteryโ€, I thought and said, they already have it.

by SickaMorStyle 2 months ago

Great interview. Ask Sandy a question and just let him talk without interruption.

by TheWolfdoctor 2 months ago

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