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Planet of the Humans: DEBUNKED | In Depth

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On today's episode of "In Depth" Zac & Jesse take the new Michael Moore/Jeff Gibbs documentary, "Planet of the Humans" to task and refute many of its claims about renewable energy! #planetofthehumans #nowyouknow #debunked
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Now You Know photo 1 Planet of the Humans: DEBUNKED... Now You Know photo 2 Planet of the Humans: DEBUNKED... Now You Know photo 3 Planet of the Humans: DEBUNKED... Now You Know photo 4 Planet of the Humans: DEBUNKED...

"Now You Know" what missing the point looks like.

by Colin Johnston 4 weeks ago

The point of the movie is that industrial civilization is a heat engine no matter how it is powered. Including your sponsors Tesla and Amazon. Hope you sell tons of t-shirts.

by Robert Poen 3 months ago

The message of this movie went over your heads. 50 years after the first earth day, things have not gotten better, they got much worse. We need to change our life style not our energy source. If we’re going to be the only species left on earth, we shall end our planet.

by Sassan Yazdan Parast 1 month ago

For me 'Planet of the Humans' was an eye opener. Where do you 'debunk' 'in depth' the message of the gibbs'Moore documentary? You talk for 56 min...and miss the point.

by Jochen Buck 4 months ago

When one has been paid to miss the point...

by Vernon Graydon 1 month ago

Renewable doesn’t start or run without fossil. Fact.

by FlickDad 1 month ago

I think the point is conservation and reduction of consumption.

by matasuki 1 month ago

this debunking is hilarious.

by Juventin 1 month ago

These are pretty thin objections to the thrust of the documentary. So "debunked" is a real stretch. Go clickbait.

by Simon Davis 1 month ago

"You could use that same clip about how anything is made." Yes, you can. That's the greater point.

by Edwin Ancarana 1 month ago

A sadly ineffective attempt at a rebuttal. Takes this down guys and try again.

by Sid Kaskey 1 month ago

I won't be watching anymore of these people's videos.

by N&A Films 1 month ago

I wonder how much these idiots were paid by "Green Energy" companies to make this?

by Jiv Jago 4 weeks ago

Zac and Jesse, I know you are disappointed that this film did not give you a clear solution on how to proceed. But sometimes answers are messy, and the best we can do is start by weeding out the old ideas that AREN'T working anymore (and maybe never did). It's worth considering.

by Carolina Buyer's Agent 5 months ago

What this video completely misses is what the movie shows: the consequences of capitalism. We can also do without the condescending and snarky tone.

by Tricia Shortridge 1 month ago

You guys are so butthurt over the “lumping in of solar panels” in this film but that wasn’t the takeaway for me. There were far more important things mentioned that most people don’t know about.

by Tony Holguin 1 month ago


by Alexa M 1 month ago

"Reign your consumption people. The resources are finite."- what I got from the documentary. It's true

by Kat Luvia 1 month ago

"We are under the gross misconception that we are a good species going somewhere important and that at the last minute we will correct our errors and God will smile on us. It is delusion." Farley Mowat.

by paxwallacejazz 4 weeks ago

The point is that it is all still coming from fossil fuels or other none renewable energy sources. They are particularly talking about it being on a capitalist scale and not an off grid situation.

by Michelle Speight 2 months ago

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