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Top 100 - My Favorite Hip-Hop Samples (4/4)

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Hip Hop didn't invent anything
Hip Hop reinvented everything

Grandmaster Caz

by fms alle 11 months ago

This just goes to show jazz and hip hop go hand in hand

by Joe Fowler 1 years ago

I don't even understand how Madlib finds his samples, his ear and patience is insane

by ShieldDivision 3 years ago

Sigh... when will these people learn. ALL CAPS WHEN YOU SPELL THE MAN'S NAME.

by gatfatf 1 years ago

โ€˜93 til Infinity has to be one of the most perfect embodiments of early 90s hip hop and the vibe of Generation X.

by Tom Foolery 4 months ago

what r hip hop artists listening to to come across these samples??
"yo snoop wot u at?"
"busy listening to European bird calls for inspiration

by Craig Mulcahy 1 years ago

"A Secret" - Billy Taylor โ†’ "Square One" - InI
"Silver Soul" - Beach House โ†’ "Money Trees" - Kendrick Lamar
"Green Dolphin Street" - Jimmy McGriff โ†’ "Jazz (We've Got)" - A Tribe Called Quest
"Season of the Witch" - Mike Bloomfield โ†’ "Ya Mama" - The Pharcyde
"Impressions" - McCoy Tyner โ†’ "The Choice Is Yours" - Black Sheep
"Main Tile" - Akira Ifukube โ†’ "Simon Says" - Pharoahe Monch
"Nash Sosed" - Edita Piekha โ†’ "Blood In Blood Out" - Jedi Mind Tricks
"Main Title (L.A. Noire)" Andrew Halse โ†’ "Fromdatomb$" - Joey Bada$$
"Way Star" - Rubba โ†’ "Thuggin'" - Freddie Gibbs
"Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?" - Smokey Robinson โ†’ "Devil in a New Dress" - Kanye West
"Scene d'Amour" - Francis Lai โ†’ "Say Goodnight" - Reks
"Two Piece Flower" - John Dankworth โ†’ "Above the Clouds" - Gang Starr
"Step Softly" - Bobby Ellis โ†’ "Brooklyn Zoo" - Ol' Dirty Bastard
"Stay with Me" - Clint Mansell โ†’ "Purple Swag" - A$AP Rocky
"K-Scope" - Phil Manzanera โ†’ "No Church in the Wild" - Jay-Z & Kanye West
"Parce Que Tu Crois" - Charles Aznavour โ†’ "What's the Difference" - Dr. Dre
"I Know I've Been Wrong" - Mashmakhan โ†’ "Mr. Clean" - Viktor Vaughn (MF Doom)
"I Love Music" - Ahmad Jamal Trio โ†’ "The World Is Yours" - Nas
"Ironside" - season 2 episode 8 ("Price Tag: Death") โ†’ "All Caps" - Madvillain
"Can't Say Enough About Mom" - Leroy Hutson โ†’ "The What" - The Notorious B.I.G.
"Theme from Underdog" - W. Watts Biggers โ†’ "Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nuthing ta Fuck Wit" - Wu-tang Clan
"Heather" - Billy Cobham โ†’ "93 'til Infinity" - Souls of Mischief
"Jessica" - Herbie Hancock โ†’ "Shook Ones Pt. II" - Mobb Deep
"Drowning in the Sea of Love" - Joe Simon โ†’ "You Know My Steez" - Gang Starr
"Ambessence Piano & Drones 1" - Bruno Sanfilippo โ†’ "Started from the Bottom" - Drake

by 8D Relax 3 months ago

Yo that la noire sample is crazy, i jammed to fromdatomb$ all the time I didnโ€™t even realize where it came from

by Ifunny Account 1 years ago

Nothing better than finding a great original song from a hip hop sample

by Shriekin Leada 1 years ago

That Simon Says sample was pure genius, man.

by SMUS16475 4 years ago

if it's your favorite, then it's my favorite too nosbo.

by Prod. Flip 3 years ago

The hell rappers be thinking about when they searching for these samples??

by TJEpicMedia 2 years ago

gave me goosebumps just hearing that sick asf

by Cesar Herrera 5 months ago

I love how RZA can turn anything into something creepy and spooky such as the wu tang clan aint nuthin ta f wit beat

by Matteo Carta 1 years ago

That Devil In A New Dress sample is God-like.

by LigerChrist 3 years ago

Tribe called quest always killed it with their samples! Dope 4 vids man appreciate all the effort

by James Chapman 2 years ago

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