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Why the Cleveland Cavaliers are the BIGGEST WINNERS of the James Harden Trade!

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As we all know by now, the biggest trade of the NBA season went down today with James Harden being sent to the Brooklyn Nets in a 4-way deal. One of the 4 teams involved was the Cleveland Cavaliers and I think the acquisitions they made from this trade are getting heavily underrated right now and simply overlooked. To me, Cleveland are the immediate winners of this trade and I’ll be going over why I think that in today’s video..
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Why the Cleveland Cavaliers are the BIGGEST WINNERS of the James Harden Trade!
James Harden to the Brooklyn Nets

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I'm very excited about the future of the Cavaliers!

by Buzzy 80 1 week ago

Honestly, nobody is overlooking the cavs in this trade, I’ve watched around 20 videos about the garden trade and almost every one said cavs are the best team in this trade.

by Gabe Fife 1 week ago


by SammyTV 1 week ago

Man I wish the Rockets could have gotten Allen in the Harden deal. 🤦🏾‍♂️ Him and Wood would have been a perfect fit.

by Brian Thomas 1 week ago

The force is strong with this cavs team.

by Carlo 1995 1 week ago

Great move by cavs— very excited.

by Austin Matus 1 week ago

Allen is a great player and underrated. I wish he was still with the Nets though.

by Terry Sigmon 6 days ago

Good trade, this team is really gonna be dangerous once they get all there players back and healthy

by 2nicewithit_J 1 week ago

This week has looked very good for the cavs.

by Eric Pierce 12 hours ago

Great take on the trade, but you also spent seven minutes repeating the same 30 second take

by Mike Fingerbottom 2 days ago

Serious question..do you really believe one needs a mentor on getting rebounds. 🥱🤦‍♂️ At their height rebounds are all effort. 🙄

by Keith 1 week ago

And I said they got a huge windfall through this deal. Honestly profiting off of Houston

by Animelytical 2 days ago

Drummond is a free agent after this season so he should be easy to move. Love would be a little harder lol

Would love to see this team add a young 3&D wing.

by Cory Holibaugh 1 week ago

Get it bro. Good job.
Lets hit 16k

by TechTRX 1 week ago

Just beat nets TWICE 💯

by Duke Moore 37 minutes ago

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