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NoCap - So Lost / No Promises [Official Music Video]

NoCap photo 1 NoCap - So Lost /... NoCap photo 2 NoCap - So Lost /... NoCap photo 3 NoCap - So Lost /... NoCap photo 4 NoCap - So Lost /...

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by One Up 18 hours ago

sheesh i remember listening to you last year thinking this man gonna blow up one of these days and look at him now

by Ghosts619 18 hours ago

if he drop a deluxe it’s gone hit different 😭😭

by Marcus Crawford 18 hours ago

I hope everyone who 👀 this becomes a real one. No cap

by TaylorMade 18 hours ago

if you’re reading this. everything will be okay!

by Tony Mora 18 hours ago

Cap putting his heart in his music stop sleeping on big homie

by KDH TV 17 hours ago

When You Feeling That Hurt, You Feel His Music Like He Giving Yo Brain A Massage

by Roddy Ricch 16 hours ago

I work to damn “Hard” I “steel” see my dreams “Crumbling” 🧏🏾‍♂️❗️

by Monstar2K 17 hours ago

I pray who ever reads this becomes successful

by Exist6nce 18 hours ago

Claim your “here before a million views” ticket here

by Markies Williams 18 hours ago

“Don’t Lie who’s been a fan of no cap before June??🍫”
(read my name btw)💤

by Xx Bomber 18 hours ago

“You been lookin in the mirror you see nothin “

by lil chriizz 17 hours ago

“Don’t Let My Fans Pull up too Reckless the way i’m Living i Might Wet em” 😂😂

by Gabe _ 18 hours ago

God I know I’m living wrong I’m gone get right witchu🦅🦅

by AshReborn-YT 18 hours ago

"I just make a bird call & eagles come and get y'all" 🐧

by Davey J 17 hours ago

“Watch the way you move you gotta think smarter” naa fr

by Ben Solid 18 hours ago

"Momma said watch the way u move u gotta think smarter"

by VVS Dom 18 hours ago

I hope everyone reading this has a blessed day ✅✅

by M0p_Drew 18 hours ago

“You been looking in the mirror you see nothin”

by Moe Moore 18 hours ago

Can just tell he put his pain into dis one folk stay strong💫

by Marii Mo 18 hours ago

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