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NoCap - Radar [Official Music Video]

NoCap photo 1 NoCap - Radar [Official Music... NoCap photo 2 NoCap - Radar [Official Music... NoCap photo 3 NoCap - Radar [Official Music... NoCap photo 4 NoCap - Radar [Official Music...


by NoCap 6 months ago

“Who clicked on the video and came straight to comments?😂”

(OMG No Cap thanks for commenting on my new video)❤

by 1 sub before 2022? 6 months ago

Still shed tears in this vlone 😣

by KpGotHeat 6 months ago

Fun Fact : Radar is spelt the same forwards & backwards too.

by Bandman Tre 6 months ago

All that fake love they show pop smoke nocap deserve #1 spot like nocap said they don't appreciate u to your dead and gone

by Top Shotta 6 months ago

“They don’t appreciate you until you dead and gone”💔

by Agustin Hurtado 6 months ago

people don't get him cause they comprehension skills suck but he made it easier on this song‼️

by sannio komi 6 months ago

I pray who ever reads this becomes successful

by Exist6nce 6 months ago

To the person who is reading this’’.

You’re amazing stay blessed, stay safe and have an amazing rest of your day!💫

by 1 sub before 2022? 6 months ago

"They think just cause I'm rich all my problems gone, I still shed tears in this VLone"

by Matthew Francis 6 months ago

“Damn I hate being famous, shackles on my wrist and ankles” If you know you know

by Metropolitan K 6 months ago


by 1mtha1 6 months ago

It’s not even the fact that he sid 🔥 it’s the fact Bruh got me listening I’m vibing that’s all you need is that lister 💯🐐

by Lilbans2k 5 months ago

NoCap underrated don’t @ me 🐐🔥

by Yfn Marr 6 months ago

“Murder for dat money 💰 jus da way it is”
Been like dat smh 🤦🏿‍♂️😭

by Blake had A Blast 4 months ago

“Ain’t None of My Days Sunny i’m Wishing i was Mitch” 💯🔥

by Gabe _ 6 months ago

I want you to hold me up, up, up
Codeine in my body, my blood
You looking at my jewelry, don't touch
My second bitch really just my runner up💯🔥🚀

by Deeboy Danny 3 days ago

"My second bitch really just my runner up " dat verse mad this my favorite song🤣🤣

by CashFlow Sway 5 months ago

"Fresh to deaf wen I step u can't even hear it" 🔥🔥🔥🔥

by VVC Visuals 6 months ago

“You gone find me winning no matter who lost” 🗣

by Marc Burnette 6 months ago

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