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Greatest Impostors of All Time? | Among Us

#Among Us #Kaif #funny #SR #Gaming
Among us gameplay. Funny moments with SR..
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Honestly, this perspective just emphasizes how Kaif sometimes makes total misplays, but still confidently acts like he's the linchpin holding everything together :')

by Silvarret 10 months ago

God, Glen's character development from a self reporter to a masterful killer is brilliant.

by Melancholy Rose 10 months ago

I'm genuinely impressed by how good of an impostor glen has become, he was so bad when he started playing, always self reporting and making stupid mistakes, but look at him now

by Morty Smith 10 months ago

Damm i just clicked a random vid popping up in my recommendations and discovered this gold of a channel

by Ali Hamza 9 months ago

"I argue until I hit the lava"

I can respect this level of commitment.

by Real 8 months ago

When stan said "I caught them RED handed" i bet lucas thought he was caught.

by Sing Host 10 months ago

"red hands and all over their face" picks blue person*
and when i thought stan was a little bit smarter then that and had caught lucas lol

by aaron sharp 10 months ago

Damn as a crewmate he's sherlock holmes
As an impostor He's A serial killer

by Mike Noob 8 months ago

These vids are honestly so good especially when Stan is told to take the egg off and replace it with a dumb post it note ๐Ÿ˜‚

by Donna D 10 months ago

stan: passed by the murderer
also stan: "it's clari."

by flip flop 8 months ago

God, Kaif was a bit too confident in this one XD

by Anubis2161 10 months ago

Kaif: Weโ€™re still gonna win
Glen: Not if I have anything to say about it

by Finn 10 months ago

The accents make this 10 times funnier than it normally would be

by ElevenBravo 7 months ago

"We're gonna win anyways"

Famous last words.

by Mateo Domijan 8 months ago

Remember when Glen was the self reporting noob type?

Me neither this man is a pro

by ipg 10 months ago

Just want to point out, anyone that watchs kaif remember he said that if oxygen goes off, it's always Glen?

by Siang Cheng Pang 10 months ago

Everyone:discuss who the impostor
Glen:"dead quiet"

by Farwell exe 8 months ago

I'm feeling a bit bad for Rob and Stan, no matter what they do they always somehow become the suspect.
And there's only those few times where the accusations on them were right

by Qyanx 10 months ago

Glen finally learnt how to use the vent. Before he just walks away after a kill.

by kcc 1412 10 months ago

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