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Funny Moments 2 | Among Us

#comedy #gaming #funny #SR #Gaming
Among us gameplay. Funny moments with SR..
VOD Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDbn2dE3WzGLEQZqBoTNoDQ
SR Youtubers: https://www.youtube.com/srgroup2020.
Music, Sneaky Business - Biz Baz Studio
Aces High - Kevin MacLeod.
Sneaky Snitch - Kevin MacLeod
Hard Boiled - Kevin MacLeod

#Kaif #salve raider #Among Us #InnerSloth

NoBeans photo 1 Funny Moments 2 | Among... NoBeans photo 2 Funny Moments 2 | Among... NoBeans photo 3 Funny Moments 2 | Among... NoBeans photo 4 Funny Moments 2 | Among...

Id just like to point out, really appreciate the subtitles over each character, i know it can be painstaking work but it really makes the video better

by Lucas Romanchuk 9 months ago

Loved the stan edit when you self reported :D

by bouldy2 9 months ago

"Let's try self report" Famous last words.

by K9Nordeste 8 months ago

Either way if he said โ€œWhereโ€™s Daleโ€ Daleโ€™s answer would be โ€œYesโ€ lol.

by Benji 9 months ago

"Imposter is An Imposter"
Ah, yes, the floor here is made out of floor.

by EatMyBirdz 7 months ago

Sees an Among us video
"Ah cool another person's recording this game"
Sees it's with Kaif and gang
"Even better!"

by C. P. 9 months ago

It's odd hearing your voice being louder than kaifs

by LA LA UBERMORPH 9 months ago

when you think itโ€™s going to be some random guy. Then you realize itโ€™s Glen playing with Kaif.

Ah shit. Here we go again.

by Iron 9 months ago

Love seeing this from different points of view please never stop uploading and give up hope cus lots of people (myself included ) love your content!

by Voidian Furret 9 months ago

You notice how stan is literally NEVER right?

by james baxter 8 months ago

How did nobody pointed out that "Yes" is no valid answer to "Where is Dale"? :D

by Pascal754 8 months ago

wow very cool this video had me going like โ€œwow this video is very coolโ€

by Joao Macedo 9 months ago

Finaly!, youtube algorithm server som good content

Love that first moment XD
Wheeze the heck out of me

by proxley wirdvo 9 months ago

Stan could have skipped and saved Glen in that 2nd match

by InfiniteRB 9 months ago

Lol I love watching your guys play this game.

by Momo 9 months ago

To self report you just vent away from the body make sure someone sees you walking to the site of the crime scene. Then report it.

by Dio Brando 4 months ago

"I think Simon Sherlocked this one."

by Pyroball 4 months ago

My guy played a riff on his electric guitar

by Fishy Thing 4 months ago

Glen you knew it was gonna go badly why did you self-report XD

by The JGamer08 8 months ago

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