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Betrayed by Your Partner in Crime | Among Us

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Among us gameplay. Funny moments with SR..
VOD Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDbn2dE3WzGLEQZqBoTNoDQ
SR Youtubers: https://www.youtube.com/srgroup2020.
Music, Sneaky Business - Biz Baz Studio.
Aces High - Kevin MacLeod.
Sneaky Snitch - Kevin MacLeod.
Hard Boiled - Kevin MacLeod
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#Among Us #SR #Kaif #comedy

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I love how Will betrays every Imposter he's paired with!

by Kaif 8 months ago

Kaif: get MAD GLEN
Glen: actually raises his voice
I can sense kaif is secretly pleased you took his advice

by LA LA UBERMORPH 8 months ago

Glen: becomes impostor
Will: I'm gonna end this man's whole career.

by The JGamer08 8 months ago

Seeing that blatant kill on Kaif's VOD I was like...what the...but now seeing it from Glen's side, completely logical lol. Only thing to do.

by AoRArchAngel 8 months ago

I remember seeing that big brain moment from kaif's stream and chat was proud of glen.

by Joker476 8 months ago

โ€œWhat was the task though?โ€
โ€œ... Ah f*ck you got meโ€
Had me dying he folded so fast

by Hannahtheseal 7 months ago


by killer carp6865 8 months ago

Honestly, I love seeing everyones perspectives. Half the stuff in this video Iโ€™ve already seen 2-3 times and its still hilarious because its someone elses perspective.

by Ericudo 8 months ago

About that part where you have to kill kaif,

You could have just walked back, report the body and say an excuse of "I was just checking any nearby people because I didn"t see the culprit" style

But that'll do XD

by proxley wirdvo 8 months ago

โ€œI see, I see, got dam simps!โ€๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

by Taylor_Twilight 4 months ago

Great stuff Glen, simultaneously the new Stan and the new Detective lol

You should join the TTT games. Wonder what crazy deduction you'll do to either nail the traitor or accidentally shoot the detective in the process

by P SD 8 months ago

Glen, the new Stan

by account 8 months ago

Kaif: "I'm kind of sus[picious] of Dale because I saw him going in and out of buildings without doing anything."

Dale: *Is voted to die.*

Kaif who didn't actually vote: s u r p r i s e d p i k a c h u.

by MrReyes 500 4 months ago

just a timestamp for myself to hear josh say "GLEN, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!"

by axo 6 months ago

best explosion sound ever.

by ToastNEggs 7 months ago

"Goddamn simps!" Lmaoo

by Zeek'FX 4 months ago

Glen when he is the imposter, when ever he is questioned. He always says โ€œPardon?โ€

by TheUnusaulSnail 5 months ago

First one you shouldโ€™ve just turned around and followed Will out. He shouldโ€™ve done a follow me wiggle to alert you as well

by MrLachyG 8 months ago

Kaif: it's Will

Will: how did you know?

by John Nil 4 months ago

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