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The Lil Durk Interview

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Lil Durk is a Chicago legend and someone I've spent a ton of time listening to over the years. To be honest I was feeling prettysick and exhausted for this interview so I didn't do as good a job as I wanted to but it was still an honor to get to sit down with the man. Enjoy
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by No Jumper 2 years ago

Lil Durk's artistic development is insane. He keeps growing idc what you say but he keeps improving unlike a lot of his Chicago peers

by FelixFamous 2 years ago

How many times adam22 got to say “Like” in every other sentence lol

by Elegant Elliott 2 years ago

Adam look like buzz light year with tats

by DoctorDoom! 2 years ago

Crazy how Durk was up then fell off then came back up. Been rocking with Durk with since 2013

by Reel Deal 2 years ago

Adam: Man we used to pick on our friends so hard when we were younger! Ever think about the shit you used to get up to?
Durk tries to further suppress memories of growing up in a war zone at that age
Durk: haha yeah!

by C Slump 1 year ago

Bruh. In the beginning u can tell lil durk didnt give af about what he was saying lol

by McRangeVids 2 years ago

2 years later he has the #1 song in the world with drake

by Leon Jett 2 months ago

I was so high I wish I replied to LA text. Too much talent been killed in the chi.

by 301AG 2 years ago

Adam if you bless us with a LilReese interview he might just spare you with his Grim Reaper ass💀 but fr though we want it.

by Francisco Salazar 2 years ago

I would love to be on this podcast

by Kyle Beats 2 years ago

Dirk never seems to age ? Dude even looks younger lol

by Drew M 2 years ago

Finally Durk graced the No Jumper hot seat with such a positive and wise presence.

by Original Armada 2 years ago

'I went from public housing to a mansion"

by fathercarloz 2 years ago

Durk gonna be around for awhile he’s only getting started

by Alex James 2 years ago

I wonder if Edai is one of durks main truck drivers 😂

by Ghost D 2 years ago

Good job Adam n getting Durk in the building... SSTS3 can't wait

by Gabby Middleton 2 years ago

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