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ZEZE Remix - Eminem, Tyga, G-Eazy, Chris Brown, Travis Scott, Dr. Dre, 50 Cent, Offset, Kodak Black

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Kodak Black - ZEZE Remix - Featuring Eminem, Tyga, G-Eazy, Chris Brown, Travis Scott, Dr. Dre, 50 Cent, Offset, Kodak Black [Nitin Randhawa]
#AskNitin Episode 3
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Cuz this that Z sh*t.

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Nitin Randhawa photo 1 ZEZE Remix - Eminem, Tyga,... Nitin Randhawa photo 2 ZEZE Remix - Eminem, Tyga,... Nitin Randhawa photo 3 ZEZE Remix - Eminem, Tyga,... Nitin Randhawa photo 4 ZEZE Remix - Eminem, Tyga,...

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Added 1 more version of ZEZE on my channel with links below.
1. ZEZE Remix Pt. 2 - Without Kodak Black. With Chris Brown's Uncensored verse -

Have fun listening to them!
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Uploaded my 2 remixes for ZEZE on SoundCloud. Check em out.

by Nitin Randhawa 2 years ago

Fire 🔥🔥broo why u dont callme to this mix

by DJ ICEK' 2 years ago

Em and 50 sound so crisp even their vocal theme was riding in the 2000s. This prove modern beats and post old school rap got its own flavour and prove some real head banging game. Quality of its own!

by Lim Kaiser 2 months ago


by Mark Mcdaniel 1 month ago

muito foda essa musica slk , algum br ai tbm ??? kkkk

by RyanRDS Motovlog 3 weeks ago

this is so fire i thought this actually happened and i got excited! you earned my sub!

by Jordan Daboss 1 month ago

I thought Tyga's verse from taste would go well with this beat and I right 🔥

by Day 2 years ago

Wait is it just me or at he said Liu Kang from the Mortal Kombat series...

by anthony romero 5 months ago

Broo what about your taste remix it has been deleted from your channel

by pranav semwal 4 months ago

Tyga’s verse goes in perfectly, sounds lit 🔥

by M 2 years ago

That was real em 😮

by k Brennan 6 months ago

big boy u doin a mistake when u put tyga next to travis lmao u kno what im saying

by yvngtorz21 6 months ago

Middle Wesley killing contract killing athletes eastern lawsuits targeting killing middle names..
Kenny Vawter

by Kenny Vawter 3 months ago

em&dre part from Eminem- Encore. Thanks me later

by ill paynobill 2 weeks ago

This the first time I saw everybody on their knees for Tyga.

by Detroit Mi Dunkin 2 years ago

fisrt time hearing this. what a remix!

by Samu 6 months ago

this mix of different songs go so perfect

by Zyad mohamed 3 months ago

U have to admit Kodak was in it way to much 😂

by chazzy 6 months ago

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