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The Truth About Tiger Woods' Son Charlie Woods

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Charlie Woods, the youngest child of golf legend Tiger Woods, has already made his mark in the golf world, and at a remarkably young age. Here is the untold truth about Tiger’s son Charlie.
Tiger Woods and his then-wife Elin Nordegren welcomed their second child Charlie Axel Woods on February 8th, 2009..
Announcing the birth of the child in a statement on Tiger Woods' website, the parents wrote,
"We had a couple names and Charlie just fit. As far as the Axel, that’s Elin’s brother’s name so we wanted to make sure it stayed in the family.”
Some observers theorized that the first name was a reference to the late Charlie Sifford, the first Black golfer to become a PGA Tour member. There was even a personal connection, too: Sifford was a close friend of Tiger's late father, Earl Woods, and, according to the Associated Press, Sifford referred to Tiger as his "grandson." Likewise, Tiger felt a similar sentiment, telling the Los Angeles Times, quote, "He's like the Grandpa I never had.".
Granted, Tiger hasn't publicly linked Charlie's name to the personal connection on his father's side, but given the tribute they used for Charlie's middle name, it's not out of the realm of possibility.
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Charlie's namesake | 0:00
Native tongue | 1:04
Picking up sports | 1:46
Early eagle | 2:42
A bug that made headlines | 3:48
Like father, like son | 4:58
Talking trash | 5:37
Exclusive clubs | 6:40
South Florida sensation | 7:16
Family ties | 8:10
Expert opinions | 9:10.
Full circle | 9:58
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I’m just happy Tiger isn’t in a nearby Winebego while his son is on the course.

by Dr. Phil 1 month ago

Father son time is priceless. Good to see.

by Sean Trice 2 months ago

Very impressive how Charlie's hit the golf balls the most amazing Unique he's very young and he is just like Tiger when start in young adorable little boy . God we Pray for Tiger to get Well Soon ..

by Aiga Taylor 2 months ago

Charlie is a star. I predicted will exceed his father's record! The kid really has it!

by Kathryn Briley 11 hours ago

The side by side comparisons are adorable

by Elyse J 2 months ago

Like father like son is but natural as it runs in their blood! No wonder Charlie will also be known like his father - Tiger Woods!

by Lucy De Leon 2 months ago

WOW . . . being bilingual is special - family members, of the world ! Truly, a 'melting pot' family member ! 🤗

by Paul Suprono 2 months ago

They are adorable! Praying Tiger fully recovers soon!

by YAYA CAT 2 months ago

Just finished watching the Masters, missed seeing Tiger there. May he make a full recovery and Charlie follow in his footsteps, as he's great, even at his young age.

by Karen Smith 3 weeks ago

Charlie is really good at golf...he has awesome potential.

by John Tatum 2 months ago



by MS BROWN 2 months ago

If I had a son I would be just like Tiger active in his life. I don't have any children at least now.

by T-MUSTAFA 33 2 months ago

Praying Tiger will make a full painless recovery...And that he will still be able to play golf after this horrific car accident!🙏🏼🍀♥️👋🏼🇨🇦

by McChrister 2 months ago

That is the cutest little golfer ever!

by Jrow Love 2 months ago

Praying for a full recovery. I hope Tiger is Praying to God as well.

by ed leonard 2 months ago

he is so adorable!

by Donna Q 2 months ago

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by boss gamee 1 month ago

And his so called son has the chip so he can be the same as his dad this is a fact that’s real

by jesus saves cars s 2 months ago

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