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I don't even believe my own eyes, this game was by far the most exciting of the playoffs considering that there was such a huge difference in the standings between both teams. Price carried the team, the young kids in Suzuki and Kotkaniemi look good, there were 2 penalty shots in a playoff game for the first time since 1923, and Montreal pulls off the unexpected underdog win (eventhough we shouldn't have made it). There's already drama from this series and I am absolutely here for it, even if we lose.

by Adorel Yakhnis 2 days ago


"Yeah who wants to watch a penalty shot? Cut those out."

by Mitch Lawson 2 days ago

Penguins has lost 7 straight playoff games..

by Noel S 2 days ago

Looks like Kotkaniemi really improved since going down to the AHL. He had a solid game. Our youth have been doing wonders for us lately. Gotta thank Vegas for that little gem Suzuki.

by Dwayne The Cuck Johnson 2 days ago

I honestly think Montreal could win this series

by Zach Betty 2 days ago

Jeff Petry is posssibly one of the most underrated dudes in the NHL.

by EndrizziFilmz 2 days ago

They seriously decided not to show the penalty shot in a score-and-win situation... TWICE?!

by Thomas Rogers 2 days ago

I really hate how some Pens fans are bashing Murray when Price just was out of this world.

by antroidi 1 day ago

As a Habs fan, I'm torn between a deep playoff run or a potential 1st overall pick.

by Kevin Belony 2 days ago

I like how they didn't show either of the penalty shots

by Evan McFee 2 days ago

Regardless of team preference, this was a great game.

by Billy Launders 2 days ago

Was seeing some flashes of prime Price there. Imagine he could keep this up the entire playoffs

by Winnipeg Jets Fan 2 days ago

Le Canadien n' a peut-รชtre pas autant de talent mais ils ont les crocs, la rage de vaincre. Go Habs ! ! !

by Javier Allen 2 days ago

2 penalty shots in 1 game
NHL: nah, nobody wants to see that

by Patrik Tobola 1 day ago

two penalty shots and neither are shown in this "highlights" video...hmmm ok.

by Fe Do 2 days ago

Little to for whoever makes these highlights, show the penalty shots

by Eli Wolkenstein 2 days ago

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