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Steelers vs. Giants Week 1 Highlights | NFL 2020

NFL photo 1 Steelers vs. Giants Week 1... NFL photo 2 Steelers vs. Giants Week 1... NFL photo 3 Steelers vs. Giants Week 1... NFL photo 4 Steelers vs. Giants Week 1...

Big Ben avoids a sack
Me: there’s the Ben I know
ben holds onto it for like another five minutes until someone sacks him
Me: yup. The Ben I know

by Bishop M 7 months ago

No one’s talking about Daniel Jones like come on show him some credit it’s not just Barkley on that team that has no OL like wtf

by Nugget Butter 7 months ago

Man I’m literally sitting here thinking, Daniel Jones looks really good and then that ball slips in the red zone and Heyward picks it. 😂

by abram002 7 months ago

Saquon touches the ball
O-Line: Ight, imma head out

by The NoMad 7 months ago

You think AB & LeVeon are texting each other:
"Hey - should we have stayed?"

by frankpinmtl 7 months ago

The Cam Heyward int took the air out of the Giants

by Ben Santiago 7 months ago

black panther accent
“Someone get this man an o-line”

by Camden Patel 7 months ago

So awesome to have Chris Fowler and Kirk Herbstreit doing NFL!!! My favorite casters, Kirk is great. Go bucks

by Exil 7 months ago

That boy Daniel Jones running for his life bro

by Mason Antos 7 months ago

Chase Claypool my man! He’s gonna shock everyone and I can’t wait to see what he does in the future!💛

by Camryn Cook 7 months ago

Jones looks light years ahead of Darnold. I hate myself for being a Jets fan.

by Sheriff_Branford 7 months ago

so we’re not gonna bring up “Schuster-Smith”

by Leon Lai 7 months ago

Roethlisberger had more rushing yards than Barkley💀💀

by Pablo Cabrera 7 months ago


by Reemur _ 7 months ago

I swear all these so called fans expecting instant results from a new coaching staff is absolutely absurd, give the giants some time and they will be fine trust me!!!

by BennyBoyzReviews 7 months ago

Daniel Jones has a lot of potential he just needs a OL

by Hi I 7 months ago

Y’all see dat dude on the Steelers at he was crawling on the floor to get the QB

by Dømmî NT 7 months ago

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