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Buccaneers vs. Saints Week 1 Highlights | NFL 2020

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers take on the New Orleans Saints during Week 1 of the 2020 NFL season.
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NFL photo 1 Buccaneers vs. Saints Week 1... NFL photo 2 Buccaneers vs. Saints Week 1... NFL photo 3 Buccaneers vs. Saints Week 1... NFL photo 4 Buccaneers vs. Saints Week 1...

When you have to play the saints twice a year instead of the Jets.

by Frozone Enozorf 1 month ago

tom brady after the game: "so when do we play the jets and dolphins?"

by Tony Malin 1 month ago

The fake crowd noise legit made this feel like a Madden game.

by Avatar Nutrition 1 month ago

Jameis winston was probably laughing his ass off while bucs were losing

by An6 Editz 1 month ago

Brees before every snap “B-rady u suck”

by Matthew Davis 1 month ago

Weird seeing Brady in a bucs uniform. However, seeing Newton in a Patriot uniform is more weird to me.

by Not a Troll 1 month ago

Tom went cold the moment he turned to the sidelines and saw daddy bill wasn’t standing there .

by Twisty Blunt 1 month ago

Man, this is just a weird year
The Superdome shouldn't be this quiet and calmed

by AZ Cardinals Fan 1 month ago

When Brady realized, “Oh, so this is what it’s like to feel pressure in the pocket... You don’t have 30 seconds to throw the ball?”

by MaelxMusic 1 month ago

When you realize it’s not the bills, jets and dolphins 6 times anymore lol

by Matthew Buckner 1 month ago

Imagine getting Brady, then he throws 2 picks in his first game with you.

by CoolCat 33 1 month ago

The amount of pass interference calls in this game is unbelievable😂

by YT-Chimp 1 month ago

Saints trying to run up the score at the end was them sending a message to Brady. "Welcome to the NFC south, We arent The Jets."

by Julian PEDelman 1 month ago

I really thought I wanted to see brady win after leaving, but the excitement I had watching him lose says otherwise

by A Concerned citizen 1 month ago

Taysom Hill is a really special sort of player, don’t see too many hybrids like him these days.

by Benjamin Mohler 1 month ago

Damn, y’all turned on the bucs even faster than I thought you would smh.

by Do It 1 month ago

I understand they’re using a fake crowd reaction track, but I’ll be the one to say that the crowd would’ve been way louder than depicted in this video had there been a live one. What a game.

by HoorayForTyler 1 month ago

Fournette: For the first time I have a real qb
Brady: throws more picks than Minshew throws incomplete passes

by Pranav Rajkumar 1 month ago

the level that Brees is still playing at IS INSANE.

by thomas curtis 1 month ago

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