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Players React to Their Madden 20 Ratings

NFL Rush photo 1 Players React to Their Madden... NFL Rush photo 2 Players React to Their Madden... NFL Rush photo 3 Players React to Their Madden... NFL Rush photo 4 Players React to Their Madden...

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by NFL Rush 1 year ago

“Your score is 67”
“Could be worse”
-Me getting test scores back in high school

by M Busch 1 year ago

The guy that got rated 50, if you Google him he doesn't show up.

by Viswa Janapati 10 months ago

Dang this “me” guy must be really good at football

by Twezu 1 year ago

Undrafted nfl rookie: “I’m probably like an 87”

by flyingchimp12 11 months ago

Ea sports rep literally admitted they boost their favorites and friends in the 90s when asked why some players were unusually rated higher. Players just need to befriend Madden game programmers. 🤝 = 90 rating. Maybe God it's the same way but in life 🤷‍♂️

by TampaTec 11 months ago

“Would you like to guess your overall”

... “it can’t be lower than a 85”

“Mf u a 47.....”

by TylerSoExclusive 1 year ago

Everyone: "I think I should be higher"
Barkley: "that's disrespectful"
Kaleb: "it could be worse"

by My Life Is A Lie 1 year ago

Saquon: I" should have 99 carrying, I had 0 fumbles last year"
Also Saquon: Fumbles on first play of 2019-20 Season

by Maddox Denham 1 year ago


See fella, now that is when you realize you’re not where you are supposed to be.

by Slumped 1 year ago

Madden disrespecting Calvin Ridley man is easily in the 80s

by Luke Lagnese 10 months ago

Y’all wrong for asking the dude who’s rated a 50 😂😂😂

by Nothing channel 1 year ago

when someone asks me what they think the newest madden is going to be like

by BladeMasta ヅ 1 year ago

On the low nfl players don’t even play Madden they play 2k🤣🤣

by chaosgaming 1 year ago

"Gotta be Mike because Mike is the best player on our team" he's not lying lmao

by Morton 10 months ago

I'll agree w Barkley, guy had no fumbles his carry should be 99 if not 100

by Jonathan Mendez 1 year ago

I'm not even a Giants fan but how TF is Barkely not at least a 97, that dude is incredible.

by Nunya Business 1 year ago

When the 50 rated dude said 52 I was like lol he has to be at least a 70 then the interviewer said 50 i was like😐😐😐

by Vortex Ps4Gamer 7 months ago

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