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Choosing Your House In Hogwarts Legacy

Next Level X photo 1 Choosing Your House In Hogwarts... Next Level X photo 2 Choosing Your House In Hogwarts... Next Level X photo 3 Choosing Your House In Hogwarts... Next Level X photo 4 Choosing Your House In Hogwarts...

If this game gets canceled I’ll die inside.

by Allenッ 1 month ago

Slytherin for life. Where are my fellow Slytherins at??? 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍

by PurplePrideFTW 1 month ago

There is no way I’m not being a female version of newt scamander

by ArtsyNerd.Png 1 month ago

Playing a muggleborn Slytherin would be so damn cool.

by jrrthompson 1 month ago

Maybe during the Pre-Hogwarts part of the game, we get some dialogue options that help develop our personality. Then the Sorting Hat would look at our attributes from character creation and our previous dialogue choices and use that to determine what House we should be in. If we disagree, we can still pick our preferred House, since the Hat does take personal choice into account. I'm not a fan of the House just outright giving bonuses. I'd rather any bonuses come from our attributes, skills and maybe our wand (which we could completely customize, statically and visually, and would keep for the entire game.)

by Dylan Lewis 1 month ago

I really hope the devs make it possible to be a good slytherin, because, like you said, not all of us are bad 💚

by Zoe Matzkin 1 month ago

Gryffindoor: Tankiness/ Durability
Slytherin: Spellpower/ DMG
Hufflepuff: Magical Beasts
Ravenclaw: Allrounder/ Fast experience - leveling

by Rexeau 1 month ago

I doubt the houses will affect combat and spell casting at all. I think they’d be much better utilised in story/dialogue and other character interactions.

Your wand would be more relevant in deciding stats/skills but even then, I think your skills should be mostly decided by the classes you do and what you practise.

by James Films 1 month ago

I want to be a Dark Ravenclaw Wizard.

by Dannetic 1 month ago

I really hope the houses aren’t a class system I’m a Hufflepuff but I always main tanking classes and I really don’t want to change my house or sacrifice my play style.

by Margot 1 month ago

Team slytherin all the way!

by Bomer76 1 month ago

I don't think that the houses will affect your stats the way you describe. It's not your typical RPG as every "class" is a mage. Any character can do everything any other class can, need to be a tank protego, need to be stealthy concealment charms, need to access a blocked off area Bombarda, Reducto. Where the houses should matter is your connections to the other houses and the ties you make. Maybe Slytherin allows darker magic and Hufflepuff allows stronger charms initially but a wizard's spells are only as powerful as practice and wand cores allow. If I'm a Slytherin I'm not about to be beaten by anyone where spellcasting is concerned so why give different attributes to the houses when the potential lies with the student? Hopefully your power will not depend on the house your in

by John James McHugh 1 month ago

Honestly I hope that the house you join isn’t like a “class” system (I am planning on dong a good and a bad play through both being in Slytherin because as a Slytherin myself, I have to) I hope that is based around the classes you take in 3rd year and advance in 6th year, as well as extracurricular things like if you duel with your friends a lot or if you like making potions in your free time.

by TheSmallRaptor 1 month ago

Sorting hat: HUFFLEPUFF !

Me: 😀YES ! 💛

by Patrick P 1 month ago

I will initially choose Hufflepuff, bcuz that’s my house, but there’s no doubt I’ll play this game multiple times so I’ll just play a different house each time🙂🤷🏻‍♂️

by Thomas Fleck 4 weeks ago

My friends idea: Imagine during character customization you can pick your heritage like malfoy, potter, gaunt or even scamander and each heritage could give you an ability like parsel tounge or wealth maybe even popularity giving you more power to gain followers if you were to go down a dark path or a good one

(Wealth as in a good starter bonus)

by that one guy who likes Harry potter 1 week ago

I hope there’s a questionnaire similar to Pottermore that “sorts” you into a house. You’d still be able to choose your house manually but I want to experience being sorted by the sorting hat.

by Asian Import 1 month ago

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