JULES MEETS HER DAD?! (A Fortnite Short Film)

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Midas’ daughter Jules reaches the source of the mysterious broadcast, and comes face to face with her father...
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Jules talking to Midas destroyed the stone wall around my heart and made a small leak in my eyes.

by mehnameislana 1 week ago

Chaos Agent: WhAt. ThE. hElL.

by DemonStorm 1 week ago

Jules talking to midas was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen

by Big Boris 1 week ago

Me sees title: YEEEESSSSSSS!!!!
watches 5min of it
Me: Wait... Midas is still dead🥺😭

by Danni Vill 1 week ago

Jules: I forgive you dad

Me: high pitched demonic screeching

by PeakZ 1 week ago

Jules: Talks to Midas

Meowscles: You okay, you look like you’ve seen a ghost.

by Bowen Judd 1 week ago

Rox: so you gonna get up?
Skye: just wait for it
Rox: well imma get something to eat.
Midas: rise.
Skye: eyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

by Amateur Man 1 week ago


by TheoR123 _ 1 week ago

Personally, I would love to see more mini games with Jules, Midas and Redux. I really enjoyed the family humour that came from it.

by Ozzie 1 week ago

Noooo I was really happy that he was back but my happiness turned after he was just a hologram🥺 please let midas come back.”through the light,everything is possible”~Midas.( sorry for my bad English)

by Amani Bashir 1 week ago

When Jules said I love you to Midas I started crying

by Rayhaan Malhotra 1 week ago

Don't u feel like meowsecles and skye both love midas alot
Skye: "boss man"?

by Purple Puppy TV 1 week ago

Midas should come back alive and be a picture of Jules hugging midas

by Denny L 1 week ago

To the 1% of people who read this.
You are amazing and blessed please stay safe. Have a amazing day.
I have been struggling on views so some help is appreciated!

by NME 1 week ago

This was the happiest title yet saddest outcome (besides Jules forgiving Midas)

by Audrey Holt 1 week ago

I could see Midas actually coming back by a custom flashback show him get out of the suit and turn himself gold to survive after the event and shark

by AirXtreme 1 week ago

Chaos agents ‘what the hell’ had my dying

by JoshGames 1 week ago

This episode was perfect! The scene where Midas appeared to Jules and the music was the same as the finale, keeping Midas as a character without ruining the impact of his sacrifice, seeing how Meowscles has grown as a character and really taken the lead
The writing is just so incredible I'd never have expected that from a fortnite channel

by firelight30 1 week ago

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