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To All The Boys: Always and Forever | Official Trailer | Netflix

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As Lara Jean Covey prepares for the end of high school and the start of adulthood, a pair of life-changing trips lead her to reimagine what life with her family, friends, and Peter will look like after graduation.
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To All The Boys: Always and Forever | Official Trailer | Netflix
Senior year of high school takes center stage as Lara Jean returns from a family trip to Korea and considers her college plans — with and without Peter.

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The worst part of teenage romance movie is when the character is graduated

by Kari Kari 1 day ago

Everyone: "I just watched the whole movie in 2 minutes"
Me: "those pancakes look like the demogorgon"

by VolleyballDog22 1 day ago

This dude is in nothing but romance movies playing a boyfriend 😭

by ITSYAYA 1 day ago

Guys, this isnt the whole movie, this is basically only half.. yall clearly havent read the books

by Poshybby 1 day ago

The comment section is giving too much hate for this movie.

by veronica say 1 day ago

They did not just use “ always and forever” that’s NIKLAUS SAYINGG

by Cristina Ochoa 1 day ago

i’m sorry but i’m still not over the fact that y’all canceled IANOWT and the society 💀✋🏼

by arianna 1 day ago

To be honest we all knew she didn’t get in

by Kylie Hasi 1 day ago

i thought when she goes to korea for vacay shes gonna meet some hot korean boy LMAO

by Adriii 1 day ago

No one :

Every teen protagonist in a Netflix movie ; yeah I’m stuck between Harvard and Yale university

by Rasheeda Wilson 2 days ago

am i the only one who cringed so hard at like no hate but that scene was not needed lmfao

by Angel 1 day ago

Netflix : “let’s spoil a movie in the entire trailer “

by zuygj bnsv 21 hours ago

Not Netflix giving the whole synopsis in one trailer.

by 7 Black Swans 1 day ago

this is nothing like the book i’m STRESSED

by Bianca Ramos 1 day ago

when they rubbed their noses together i wanted to die then and there

by lol no 1 day ago

im ngl i kinda wish they didn’t add in the “i didn’t get in part” cause while i was watching the trailer the whole time i was wondering if she was even gonna get in...but the trailer answered that question for me...god im so sick of trailers and tv previews showing TOO much

by lovelyjuliexo • 1 day ago

Am I the only one who’s just excited to see Ross butler on their screen again

by Stereo Hearts 1 day ago

literally who asked for a 3rd movie for this and the kissing booth... just bring back the society...

by Evelyn Lopez 1 day ago

Soooo is nobody gonna talk about how Laura’s friend Chris is pregnant? Orrrr

by Valerie Valerie 1 day ago

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