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Cuties | Official Trailer | Netflix

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Eleven-year-old Amy starts to rebel against her conservative family’s traditions when she becomes fascinated with a free-spirited dance crew.
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Cuties | Official Trailer | Netflix

#Dance #France #Mignonnes

Netflix photo 1 Cuties | Official Trailer |... Netflix photo 2 Cuties | Official Trailer |... Netflix photo 3 Cuties | Official Trailer |... Netflix photo 4 Cuties | Official Trailer |...

Netflix : We are removing shows which feature a racist nature

also netflix : Pedophilia

by Rock Stone 1 month ago

Disgusting. Everyone involved other than the children should be arrested for sexualizing children

by AFL - 1 day ago

Wow making a film apparently "satiring" sexualizing underage girls by sexualizing underage girls. That just sounds like pedophilia with extra steps.

by The Ghostface Killer 3 days ago

Why tf would you make a movie about how sexualizing children is wrong while sexualizing children.

by IV_NUKE 1 day ago

there have been people jailed for asking underage girls to "twerk" over webcam, so why is it okay for rich hollywood pedos to make an entire movie about it? Production and distribution of child porn is illegal. Every producer, director, etc. involved in this should be in prison.

by im embarassed by this 1 month ago

Everyone: Maybe 2020 isn't that bad..
Netflix: Hold my beer.

by Good _Vibes 3 days ago

Let’s all be honest here, we all came onto this video just to dislike it

by James R 3 days ago

Written by: Jeffery Epstein
Executive producer: Dan Schneider

by james jameson 2 days ago

“see how many likes we have?”
Everyone: “Yeah millions of dislikes”

by ArcherKing 1 month ago

New record, 2M dislikes in 1 month. That would be like if 2019 rewind had 50M dislikes

by Attack Helicopter 2 days ago

As a minor, I think I speak for everyone when I say

What the actual frick

by Chicken nuggets 2 days ago

so the mom is the bad guy for disciplining her 11-year-old daughter after she joins a twerk group and steals her parents' money? ok

by Ola Elmahdi 1 month ago

This is ridiculous and disgusting should be banned and all world should show reaction and get rid of Netflix

by erkam yilmaz 3 days ago

This is like fighting fire with gasoline for a pyromaniac audience.

by Robert J Cotter 1 day ago

The likes are just people in australia trying to dislike it, dont worry

by Rover Plush 2.0 2 days ago

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