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Athlete A | Official Trailer | Netflix

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An August 2016 article in the Indianapolis Star about USA Gymnastics protecting coaches accused of abuse leads to the explosive revelation that the USAG women’s team doctor, Larry Nassar, had been abusing athletes for over two decades. This film follows the IndyStar reporters as they reveal the extensive cover-up that allowed abuse to thrive within elite-level gymnastics for more than two decades, the attorney who is fighting the institutions that failed these athletes, and most importantly, the brave whistle-blowers who refuse to be silenced.
Watch Athlete A, only on Netflix: https://www.netflix.com/title/81034185
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Athlete A | Official Trailer | Netflix
This documentary focuses on the gymnasts who survived USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar's abuse and the reporters who exposed USAG's toxic culture.

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These are the documentries that Netflix should focus on!

by SİLAN DOĞAN 1 months ago

To all the idiots commenting, who cares if you’re early to the video or if you don’t like women with muscular legs (um wtf) ? This doc is about 500 young girls being abused and silenced, while US gymnast was complicit. It’s a super important story!

by amk881 1 months ago

Who downvotes this? Sexual predators?

by Autopath 1 months ago

How utterly disgusting a doctor has to be for doing such things to his patients who come to him for help and guidance.

Hell is waiting for you.

by _ Ravan _ 1 months ago

I’m so glad that Netflix is sharing our stories. It still absolutely destroys me having to relive what I and so many others went through. We were failed by many. But I’m so happy to continue to bring awareness and to create change with my sister survivors!💙

by Kate Hall 1 months ago

How could they allow this to happen to these wonderful,talented children?😢

by fw1421 1 months ago

I wanted to see the clip of the dad trying to beat the pulp out of Nasser.

by Charlie Johnson 1 months ago

“Not victims but survivors”. I stan this girls for being so brave for speaking up.

by Camillo Reyes 1 months ago

I was teary-eyed, Maggie Nichols was crucified for reporting the abuse, she deserved the Rio. It was sooooo sad

by corina ads 1 months ago

Damn! The Netflix vault is so huge and full!

by Mayur Dudhe 1 months ago

“If you receive a complaint of sexual misconduct, do you turn it over to local authorities?”
WOOOOOWWW. Definitely will be watching this, I don’t know much of this story but I am interested in learning about what happened.

by lisalily 1 months ago

The scary part about this documentary they got him arrested at the perfect timing, He was trying to work in School board and was winning the race

by SelfMadeTray 1 months ago

So proud of IndyStar, my hometown paper, for breaking this story wide open.

by Indy Cyclist 1 months ago

Netflix is my favorite activist.

by Adnan 1 months ago

it’s disgusting that he did this, and everyone remember. IT WAS NOT ONLY GIRLS! he was sexually abusing young boys as well.

by Kaleb Lanier 1 months ago

As a male survivor to real deep sex shit that occurs when I was five, now that I'm 49, I want to say to all these brave young women that they have a whole life of theirs to recover and be the fierceful ones God created in the first place. Young women, you are my true heroes. I love you, from the deep of my heart. I so love you. All my thanks to Netflix for having let this movie existed.

by raph75fr 1 months ago

I'm so happy to see Netflix taking such issues, and giving it full priority. This was perhaps the biggest scandal in modern sport, outside of the betting/doping universe. I'm not gonna miss this!

by Arnav Bhattacharya 1 months ago

Julien Baker in the trailer's soundtracks? I'm gonna watch it!

by punaSI 1 months ago

The interesting thing is that the tv show “Make it or Break It “ touched on abuse in gymnastics even before anything came out about this!

by Hannah Chesnutt 1 months ago

The beautiful song is by Julien Baker and it's called "Appointments" for those who wanted to look it up.

by julia 1 months ago

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