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8:46 - Dave Chappelle

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From Dave: Normally I wouldn't show you something so unrefined, I hope you understand
To find out more about how you can support the Equal Justice Initiative go here: support.eji.org/chappelle

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its reached a time where we listen to comedians and laugh at politicians

by Sharik Harib 4 weeks ago

He’s not even a comedian at this point, it’s beyond anything that can have a box to be put in.

by Snack 1 week ago

He made me cry at several points, I'm not even black. There's actual pain in his voice in his stories.

by Paulies 1066 1 day ago

To all the bad talkers about Dave. Not one of you would turn down 50 million dollars out of principle for your belief.

by K Low 4 days ago

Very proud to say I dropped my NRA membership with a long letter when they were silent on Philando Castille. Had Castille been white and the exact same thing happened, the NRA would have, and should have been up in arms.
When they were silent on Castille, they lost me. I am white. I support gun rights for law abiding citizens, no matter what color, race, gender, ethnicity or religion they are. The NRA can no longer say the same.

by Michael Miller 1 week ago

I vote Dave as the official spokesman for the anger and rage so many people of color are feeling right now. The movement needs you, we as a people need you. Hope for a better society needs you. There is no better leader for an idea who's time has FINALLY come. Equal opportunity for ALL and an end to whites turning a blind eye to racial injustice. MLK may have envisioned this day but the leader looks alot like a man named Dave Chapelle. Without leadership to carry the momentum I fear nothing will change.

by Chris Buchanan 4 days ago

“Every institution that we trust...lies to us.” -Dave Chappell SO TRUE

by KarlaElaine100 1 week ago

It's nice to see that even comedians are exactly like all of us, same exact feelings and emotions. Never seen him be serious but it's good to see, comedy is an act, they're not always a comedian and can be serious as well. Like chapelle says, he's just a guy.

by Zac Sterling 2 days ago

Just checked Rotten Tomatoes on this show: at this time, there are 11 audience ratings 73% and 10 critics ratings 90% . By comparison, his 2019 show has about 41,000 audience ratings. 11 just seems too low to have had 27 million views on YouTube. Something is wrong

by John S 1 day ago

13 million views since yesterday?! People were starving for honesty.

by Kee To 4 weeks ago

I want Dave Chappelle to live till he's an ANCIENT old man. He is brilliant and righteous and got his finger on the pulse of humanity. He's incredible. Please grace us more with THIS. You are a rare gem of depth and value that may never be witnessed again. Goddess bless you, you fine gentleman! Now and forever

by Jeffeffina Lastname 1 week ago

THIS....This is why Dave Chapelle is my favorite comedian.

by Nasty Noles 1 week ago

The hand in the pocket is so that no one can see you are applying more force on your leg with your upper body, in order to squeeze the life out of somebody. I'm thinking they don't train for that, putting your hand in your pocket, but its probably widely known amongst cops.

by Orcinus1967 3 days ago

Chappelle is one of those comedians who's transcended comedy. I don't even care if he tells jokes, I just want to hear him talk. Hands down a 🐐 .

by BUB 5 4 weeks ago

Comedy is easy way to say something that hard to say in serious conversation.

by Ashleyy 5 days ago

A Tribe Called Quest - Stressed Out ft Faith Evans: I felt that. Perfect melancholic soundtrack through this bizarre time.

Not sure about a lot, but about this track and my breathe. I am certain.👌🏾

Come on baby we gonna make it. We gotta make it...

by Keanu K. Mabalane 1 week ago

when he said “like azalea banks i’ll tell” i died😭😭😭

by Meechie Ya 1 week ago


by Eddie Branson 1 week ago

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