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Tribhanga | Official Trailer | Kajol, Mithila Palkar, Tanvi Azmi, Kunaal Roy Kapur

#Bittersweet #Compassionate #Kanwaljit Singh #Kajol #Entertainment
Tribhanga is an Odissi dance pose that is disjointed and asymmetrical, yet mesmerizing and sensuous, so much like the lives of the three women characters of the film - Nayan, Anu, and Masha. A searing drama about a dysfunctional family consisting of women from three different generations, Tribhanga - Tedhi Medhi Crazy stars Kajol, Mithila Palkar, Tanvi Azmi, Kunaal Roy Kapur, Vaibhav Tatwawaadi, Kanwaljit Singh, and directed by Renuka Shahane.
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Tribhanga | Official Trailer | Kajol, Mithila Palkar, Kunaal Roy Kapur | Netflix India
When her estranged mother falls into a coma, a self-made single mom grapples with regret and resentment while reflecting on their strained relationship.

#Movie #Vaibhav Tatwawaadi #Mithila Palkar #Kunaal Roy Kapur #Reconciliation #Tanvi Azmi #Drama #Bollywood #Netflix #Family in Crisis #Renuka Shahane #Mother & Daughter Relationships #Women's Social Issues

Netflix India photo 1 Tribhanga | Official Trailer |... Netflix India photo 2 Tribhanga | Official Trailer |... Netflix India photo 3 Tribhanga | Official Trailer |... Netflix India photo 4 Tribhanga | Official Trailer |...

"Ajeeb hain. Genius hain toh thodi ajeeb hogi hi."
Thinking of borrowing this line to introduce ourselves 💭

by Netflix India 1 week ago

Nice acting by all

by Yash G 1 week ago

Three reasons to watch this film:-
1) Kajol
2) Mithila
3) It’s by Netflix

by Unknown 123 1 week ago

Unlike her actresses of her age, Kajol is actually choosing off beat scripts and being in action.👍

by Lucy Sophia Fernandes 1 week ago

Mithila and kajol in one screen waahh who never thought they would get to see this one day

by stuti shah 1 week ago

"Tumhari Maa coma mein Hoti toh kaisa lagta" 😂stupid media reporters

by Ayushman Kumar 1 week ago

Kajol😍Few of those actress who knows acting and not just dancing unlike nowadays...

by Ashi 234 1 week ago

Kajol still rulling the world even without doing any item songs & wearing shorts...& She's Looking more Young & Prettiest day by day

by Dhaanii Shah 1 week ago

Kajol is a clear example that senior actresses can work , actually better than some senior actors . So no need to pair lead actors with age difference of almost generations

by 8031 Deepak Kumar 1 week ago

Every one is talking about Kajol, Mithila and Tanvi Azmi but no body talks about Renuka Shahane, the director.

by Indian skr 1 week ago

I like how Kajol has lived her glory days as one of the most famous actors in bollywood, and now she's just having fun with interesting scripts

by Sukanya Parashar 1 week ago

Kajol's presence is such an inviting thing. Her natural acting is something that will always be remembered. This is definitely a film to watch and to recommend!

by arif 1 week ago

Am I actually seeing mithila with straightened hair. Nah. How can this happen?! Those curls defined mithila and her chirpy personality 😭💕

by Ramya Sivaraman 1 week ago

Kajol is the main reason why 90%of the audiences will watch the movie. I'm very excited for kajol mam's comeback nd the story looks very interesting as well 👌

by samira bouyachi 1 week ago

Outstanding Kajol... She's has so much to perform man...

by PUNYA BRATA DUTTA 1 week ago

Kajol looks absolutely gorgeous she seems to have aged beautifully!

by True Stuff 1 week ago

Kajol... I swear... she's aging backwards! ❤️😍😍

by Isha Diwan 1 week ago

I just wish Kajol remains young forever because she is the best actress ever, the most deserving one
I am big of a fan of Kajol, and I really enjoy all her movies
especially her hilarious laugh!

by Cayn's Entertainment 1 week ago

Day by Day kajol looking younger and damn pretty 👍 she is outstanding performance

by Kiran Sonawane 1 week ago

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