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The Last of Us 2 - Aggressive Gameplay #1

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Welcome back to another video, this time featuring gameplay from The Last of Us Part 2! In this video, I showcase badass gameplay, combat moves, high action moments, and epic stealth kills. If you enjoy this video, be sure to like, comment & subscribe for more epic comment!
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Nemsk photo 1 The Last of Us 2... Nemsk photo 2 The Last of Us 2... Nemsk photo 3 The Last of Us 2... Nemsk photo 4 The Last of Us 2...

Thank you for watching, let me know if you want more The Last of Us gameplay from my channel, keep vibing gamers!

by Nemsk 3 months ago

Note to self, if an enemy grabs me from behind and tells me to shut up, just start yelling

Might just give your buddies a better chance

by Alex V 3 months ago

It's really cool how if you kill an NPC during a conversation, the other one starts questioning why they gone quiet.

by Jonathan Pereira Pinto 3 months ago

Keep on putting out Last of Us 2 content, man. I may not like the story, but the gameplay violence is pretty satisfying.

by Psycho_ Ravager 3 months ago

Love how he just puts out quality content and never rushes!

by Micah Barnett 3 months ago

thank you nemsk for making all this great content, you’ve made my life and many others so much better

by Snail 3 months ago

Story stuff to the side, this gameplay gives me serious Splinter Cell Chaos Theory vibes.

by Bdkj3e _ 3 months ago

The physics are absolutely perfect

by Alper Duman 3 months ago

I love of the dead bodys have a extreme realistic physic

by Ladde 3 months ago

You're telling me that all this time I could've shot an enemy while grabbing them?? HOWWWWW?!

by Anton Andersson 1 week ago

Man you are just showing off lol, badass as always!

by Brad Carpenter 3 months ago

Was waiting for this to be made eventually, always loved seeing those old kill montages back on the remastered edition.

by SandwichPony 3 months ago

Walking away at the end like "Wow that scenery sure is beautiful"

by Kyle A. 3 months ago

Nemsk, the most non toxic gamer...

Until he camp's in a corner in MW.


by Thee SharpShooter 3 months ago

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