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Is Blogging Still Worth it?

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There are over 1.94 billion websites on the internet. There are over a billion blogs on the internet. That's roughly one blog for every seven people in this world. There are over four million blog posts that are being published each and every single day. Today, I'm going to answer the question of is blogging still worth it?.
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Now, the short answer to this question is no.
The long answer to the question is yes.
Now, don't just shut off this video and stop blogging if you have a blog.
In the traditional sense, blogging is not worth it, of just creating text-based content, cranking out a ton, and expecting it to do wonders for you..
Here's what you need to do if you want to still thrive in the blogging world today and in the future..
Number one, don't just focus on text-based content.
Traditionally, blogs were just text-based content and that's what people would publish..
And they would just say, here's my website, here's a blog post, and that's it. And that's great, but you know what? Now, text-based content isn't everything..
We all use something called a mobile phone. This mobile phone, people are using it to watch videos, listen to podcasts..
So when you're blogging, don't just blog text-based content. Create video-based content. Create audio-based content. Publish that on your blog.
Also publish it on other channels as well.
And that's the second thing that I wanted to get into.
Blogging is no long about just putting content on your site. That content should sit everywhere. You may be wondering, Neil, but Google penalizes for duplicate content.
No, that's a myth. Google does not penalize for duplicate content.
They've stated it publicly, so you don't have to worry about that.
So take that blog text-based content that you have, also repost it on Facebook.
Also repost it on LinkedIn. You want to put it wherever you can. Heck, I would even create a medium.com account, and repost it on Medium as well.
Take your videos, put it on YouTube, put it on LinkedIn, put it on Facebook, put it on Instagram TV..
Have you noticed wherever you're watching this video, go to any other social network, look me up, you'll see the same video.
Because I post the same content everywhere. Some people use YouTube, some people use Facebook.
People are spread on all these social platforms. I want to capture them everywhere.
The third thing that you need to know is blogging on how it used to be, in which you just create text-based content, you rank, you drive that traffic to a product or service, collect leads, you do well.
Blogging doesn't work that way anymore.
Blogging is very expensive.
And here's what I mean. Let's say you get these rankings. Then Google comes around, they release a Google update. Have you noticed that the people that get hit the most with these updates and don't rank as high, are the sites that aren't updating their content?
You got to continually collect emails and push subscribers.
So you can use tools like subscribers.com or Hello Bar or Mailchimp.
Use whatever you want. If you continually get these people to come back to your site, get them to subscribe.
That'll give you a shot at selling those people over time. If you don't sell them over time, it won't do as well for you.
If you expect people to just watch a YouTube video or a Facebook video, and buy from you right away, it's not going to happen.
That's why it's very important to build that audience through email, push when they come to your site, and get them to keep continually come back, so that way you can convert them over time.
If you make those changes and you adapt, blogging is still worth it. If you don't and you just want to focus on writing a text-based content, never update it, write me-too content, and the same stuff that everyone else is going to write on, you're not going to do that well.
But when you change to that fresh new perspective, that's when you'll notice you're still going to get a ROI from blogging..
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Are you getting results in your business through blogging? If you are, leave a comment below with “yes”. If you’re not, leave a comment below with “no”.

by Neil Patel 1 year ago

Blogging is still a great platform. Definitely very competitive and I believe more people should get into podcasting. However when people think something is dead, that could sometimes be a great opportunity to re-enter and grow your audience

by Marc Guberti 1 year ago

Blogging can always be good if it can provide what consumer wants and have as much engaging content as possible..including videos, polls and infographics etc..💯

by Rishab ojha 1 year ago

I totally agree with you, I am starting my YouTube channel and I think your recommendations can be applied to a YouTube channel as well. Thanks Neil

by Bi_Learning 1 year ago

The new buzzword “omnipresence marketing”. Appreciate your content Neil. Yes / No ~ I agree with what you said. There there is still a ton of value in showing up in SERPS...the game continues to evolve for sure.

by KeywordManagement 1 year ago

To be more productive it helps also to use transcripts from your videos and
repurpose them for blog posts, instagram descriptions, fb-posts etc.
(got this from peng joon)

by Jonas Munnich 1 year ago

Right from Ancient books to Digital text based content, it's still working. If the content is new and useful, there is a space for you.

by 8D Tamil Songs 1 year ago

I agree on everything, that's the exact definition of blogging in 2019 and everyone should watch this :)

by Michele Ingelido 1 year ago

hey Neil,
thanks for sharing an amazing video with us.
there is some hype in writers, one said an article must be in 1.8k words so others said at least 2k words. which one is correct and why?

by Allauddin Khan 1 year ago

Thanks Neil, I've actually contacted you through your website 3 times. I might be hitting your spam, is there a better way to reach out to you personally? Thanks, Pb

by From Tailors With Love 9 months ago

blogging is still worth it. You need to putt a massive amount of action to achieve great things though

by Achievementz 1 year ago

Hey Neil, than you for sharing these tips. It helped me grow from 0 views to 300- 400 every month

by Rajender Rathi 1 year ago

I am fully agree with all your points. Almost 7 years ago, when I started my first step towards online, where even I knows nothing, but at that time, whatever I used to write, that used to be popular quickly. But now there is so much competition, so I have to make Videos for my YouTube Channel and write articles with Videos and content.
Thanks for letting us know.

by Recipeswithmore 3 months ago

Thank you so much Neil, ppl like me planning to start a blog receive a lot of help thru ur these videos. 1 question, as an additional revenue stream, how much time blogging takes and what sort of RoI can it generate over what sort of a period of time? do u think blogging can become another revenue stream fr a working professional besides the day job?

by ashish nagpal 5 months ago

Blogging still worth it but its harder now.

by VedX Gaming 1 year ago

Correcly stated Neil..was wondering since last many days about how to improve my blogs and came across this video..
Thanks for the perspective.

by ashwin Singh 1 year ago

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