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Week 4 Power Rankings: Baltimore Ravens slide out of Top 5 | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

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Mike Florio unveils PFT's latest power rankings heading into Week 4 as the Ravens tumbled out of the Top 5 and 49ers move up after two wins with a depleted roster.
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Week 4 Power Rankings: Baltimore Ravens slide out of Top 5 | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

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NBC Sports photo 1 Week 4 Power Rankings: Baltimore... NBC Sports photo 2 Week 4 Power Rankings: Baltimore... NBC Sports photo 3 Week 4 Power Rankings: Baltimore... NBC Sports photo 4 Week 4 Power Rankings: Baltimore...

Patriots as 3?!? That’s more of a joke then the debate lol

by Jack Janz 3 weeks ago

Packers should be ahead of Patriots.

by Kannan H 3 weeks ago

Pats not even the best team in their division. TF lol

by Cactus Black 3 weeks ago

Chiefs defense is super underrated

by H W 3 weeks ago

Florio's hate for the Packers is showing. Packers behind the Bills?!😂😂😂

by Brett Gartin 3 weeks ago

Without watching idc if the Ravens were poor against the Chiefs, they aren’t any less than 4

by Bob Ross’s Dad 3 weeks ago

In my Power Rankings I had Packers at 3, Seahawks at 2, and Chiefs at 1

by Maharaja Ramzan 3 weeks ago

Pats a 3 is nothing more than name recognition

by Dan 3 weeks ago

Lol did Chris Simms really say the Eagles defense has been giving some teams some headaches LMAO we’ve given up 29 ppg including 27 to the football team, 37 to Jared Goff and 23 to the bungals

by minivan milf 3 weeks ago


by Ryan Carr 3 weeks ago

Ravens lose to the best team in the league and they move out of the top 5??

by Kavi Mahajan 3 weeks ago

My Cardinals don't get any respect in the power rankings. Despite the close loss to the Lions, they should be cracking the top 16.

by Bob M. 3 weeks ago

Um I'm not sure but didn't the bucs only beat win less teams? And they also lost to the Saints.

by 2EZ 3 weeks ago

So Patriots at 3 needs to be lower, Packers at 5 needs to be higher and the Steelers need to be higher than 9, even a little harsh that Ravens are 6 even though Chiefs stomped them. I’d say;

• Chiefs
• Seahawks
• Packers
• Ravens
• Patriots
• Steelers
• Bills
Bottom 3 not much in it

by Brooks 3 weeks ago

Only thing we know for sure is chiefs #1 business as usual and the rest of the nfl should start getting use to it

by Tatts Bk 3 weeks ago


by TSeeKR 3 weeks ago

Real list
1. Chiefs
2. Seahawks
3. Packers
4. Bills
5. Ravens
6. Steelers
8. Patriots
8. Cardinals
9. Raiders
10. Bears
11. Saints
12. Rams
12. Bucs
13. Titans
14. Cowboys
15. Browns
16. Colts

by H W 3 weeks ago

I love how these analysts think dropping a team on their completely pointless and worthless ranking system is a "consequence"

by Mitchell Robbins 3 weeks ago

I'd say
1 Chiefs
2 Seahawks
3 Packers
4 Steelers
5 Ravens
6 Bills
7 Patriots

by Jonathan Karas 3 weeks ago

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