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TikTok Users React To Trump’s Pledge To Ban The App In The U.S. | NBC Nightly News

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President Trump told reporters that he wants to ban TikTok in the U.S. as the social media app faces scrutiny over security concerns. The company says they’re “not planning on going anywhere” as questions grow over how a ban would work.
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#Tech #TikTok #U.S. News #Donald Trump #Trump ban

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Can't wait for the TikTok 'Get a real job' challenge.

by Hax9 2 months ago

US youngsters’s IQs are getting saved finally.

by Lee 2 months ago

Teenage girls: Why remove TiKtOk it’s the best. 😭 😭

Me: I see this as an absolute win.

by aStronomical 2 months ago

Trump: *bans TikTok*
Everyone: “perhaps I treated you too harshly”

by DapperCheese 2 months ago

Now 14 year old girls can have a reason to be depressed.

by Thicc Yoshi 2 months ago

People: what is your reason for voting?
Kids: they removed TIK TOOOOK!
People: k

by Ryan Thompson 2 months ago

Well, at least tiktok stars will know how money is really earned

by Emanuel Salas 2 months ago

FINALLY, I was getting sick of TikTok 🤩

by miwa kim 2 months ago

Trump: bans tiktok

Me: i never thought I'd say it, but THANK YOU TRUMP!

by Robert Ringwald 2 months ago

Finally, people can actually make good songs without tiktok stealing it now.

by Pinkberry Milk 2 months ago

I never liked tiktok anyways -.- Everybody is always on it and in my school the only the they do is talk about it and make tiktoks

by Ñot Leiah 2 months ago

trump: shut it down!
Tiktokers: sad tiktoker noises

Everyone liked that

by ᴍɪʟᴋ ρiꫀ 2 months ago

Imagine ONLY wanting to vote because they “want” to ban an app.

by Michael Bierman 2 months ago

About time

Not because its cringy or something

But because its a pedophile hunting ground

Edit: thanks for the likes : )

by mason2ou Markud 2 months ago

Kids on TikTok crying for their cringe content a lot in the comment section

by Child Always 2 months ago

Idk why people are freaking out it’s just a app smh 🤦🏾‍♂️

by Never Simpin 1 month ago

Trump: We're gonna ban TikTok
Me: Write that down! WRITE THAT DOWN!!!

by CryingSike 2 months ago

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