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Meet The Press Broadcast (Full) - January 24th, 2021 | Meet The Press | NBC News

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In an exclusive interview with Meet the Press, White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain talks about President Biden’s plans for vaccine distribution. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) discusses the future of the filibuster. Sen. Mike Rounds (R-S.D.) talks about former President Trump’s impeachment. Andrea Mitchell, Yamiche Alcindor, Tim Alberta and David Brooks join the Meet the Press roundtable. Tom Brokaw announced his retirement after 57 years with NBC News.
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Meet The Press Broadcast (Full) - January 24th, 2021 | Meet The Press | NBC News

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NBC News photo 1 Meet The Press Broadcast (Full)... NBC News photo 2 Meet The Press Broadcast (Full)... NBC News photo 3 Meet The Press Broadcast (Full)... NBC News photo 4 Meet The Press Broadcast (Full)...

I really miss Tim Russert.

by Paul Dana 11 hours ago

“Unity” does not mean that democrats need to capitulate to GOP

by V V 10 hours ago

Sen Mike Rounds has typical greed mentality: he has his coffers filled so he doesn't care about others, therefore he does not think the Federal min. wage should be a living wage of $15 an hour plus. Rounds is inhumane and grotesque.

by Jason Marchi 9 hours ago

Ted Cruz taught us about Green Eggs and Ham during one of those filibusters. What a crock.

by Steve Wisdom 12 hours ago

Trump: "We'll be back in some form." Oh no the f**k you won't!

by FOHMixMeister 7 hours ago

Well LA DEE DA!!!! Lindsey is wearing a MASK!!!!! GASP!!!!!! What a toady he is...

by natalie harless 11 hours ago

Unity ? They ranted “law and order” — give it to them.

by 1badhaircut 11 hours ago

GOP in power: We want absolute privilege!
GOP not in power: you're gonna treat us equally, right? 😧

by ThePinkBinks 8 hours ago

You know what else sets a bad presetent Mr Graham... lying and cheating

by Gleebee Bee 11 hours ago

Saying that impeachment is unconstitutional is the most warped analysis by a congressional member, it sound's like he's saying an insurgence is constitutional.

by Inez Ojeda 11 hours ago

The President was impeached while in office, the trial gives him a chance to clear his name. Oh wait, we're talking about Donald Trump...

by Edward Ames Castellano 11 hours ago

Send desantis to maralago. trump hasn't had his butt kissed in almost a week.

by Grandpa 82547 11 hours ago

When a Republican says "This is divisive", it is the same as an abusive spouse telling you that if you leave or call the cops, YOU are tearing the family apart.

by Wendy Reis 12 hours ago

My husband knows 8 people now who’ve died of covid. I know one. Mostly all covid denying trumpists....

by Carmen Perez 11 hours ago

"I told you little shts to stop acting like a bunch of morons but you didn't listen" -God probably

by davidxtc 11 hours ago

Leningrad Lindsay is still defending tRump... I wonder what "Kompromat" tRump has on him...?

by kilish 11 hours ago

Plz stop the politics!!! Who cares what Republicans in Congress want!!! They proved that they don’t care about citizens, taxpayers!!!

by Sam Batdeleg 11 hours ago

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