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Meet the Owl Found in the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree | NBC New York

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It wasn’t quite a partridge in a pear tree, but a worker helping set up the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree found a holiday surprise — a tiny owl among the massive branches. Rana Novini reports

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NBC New York photo 1 Meet the Owl Found in... NBC New York photo 2 Meet the Owl Found in... NBC New York photo 3 Meet the Owl Found in... NBC New York photo 4 Meet the Owl Found in...

How is he a stowaway? We went and cut down his home and kidnapped him. He isn't a stowaway he's a kidnap victim lol.

by Paul Brice 2 months ago

He's not a stowaway!!!He's a kidnap
victim!They chopped down his home!Little cutie.

by helen pruzan 2 months ago

Y'all really have some nerve. Calling Rockefeller a stowaway. He was where he was supposed to be. Y'all kidnapped him by mistake. "Stowaway" SMH.

by ThatLadyDray 2 months ago

Rockafeller wasn't "hiding in a tree." He was minding his own business, sitting in his tree in his natural habitat in the forest when you chopped down his home and dragged it to the city. Question is not what was Rochefeller doing in that tree, it's what is happening to our forest and it's natural habitats when we frivolous chopped it down to put lights on a trees for a made up holiday? And why are we still using rare, real trees? It's almost 2021, surely by now, we have enough tech savvy people in America to devise and design a tree out of recyclable materials that look, feel and smell like a real tree which could be stored away at the end of each season?
Save our trees.🎄 Save the animals. 🦉

by Golda D Harris 2 months ago

Stop destroying animals homes and nature just so you have something to look at. It's a damn weird tradition to begin with.

by Paul Brice 2 months ago

He was sitting on the toilet and then the entire house got moved to New York City 😆

by Wendy D. 2 months ago

He thought if he made his home in a crappy looking tree, he would be safe from the tree cutters...

He was gravely mistaken

by Booqueefious 2 months ago

When humans destroy the homes of animals.

by Luz Angela 2 months ago

They Chop down his house and made it a Christmas tree

by annjenn2139 2 months ago

Owls are just the cutest. I've seen wild 🦉 when I was young.

by Charlie Angel 2 months ago

He is all head and eyes, bet he is a tiny but fierce hunter.

by Cheryl Alikhani 2 months ago

What everyone seems to be unaware of, is the fact that there is a spiritual meaning behind the appearance of this owl. In some Native American cultures, it is believed that owls are messengers. Sightings of owls meant a warning of evil doing, death, or destruction.

The media will portray this as some sort of “hope” during these difficult times, but that’s how they would distract us from the true meaning behind this owl.

Don’t let the media control the narrative. Think for yourselves. God bless us all. 👏🏽

by Will Vibes 2 months ago

Mr. Owl, how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?

by Savage Dragon 2 months ago

Stop killing wild animals homes and trees. You cover that dead tree with so many lights you might as well use a fake tree.

by Ocean Rock 2 months ago

makes you wonder how many times over the years there was wildlife that didn't survive the trip?

by TheFaraway8 2 months ago

The city destroyed his home and family just like Cuomo did to NYorkers. It’s a sad metaphor.

by Jussainwuturthinkn 2 months ago

The owl wasn't Found ,it was taken from it's habitat

by Lone Wolf 2 months ago

Owl: I'll be safe in this messed up looking tree.
NY: we found the perfect tree.

by Stephanie Parks 2 months ago

Poor baby. Happy he’s doing okay! Just think, there will be new Christmas stories about the year when everything was a mess, till this little guy came in and blessed us with his cuteness!

by Sassy Signs 2 months ago

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