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NBA Top 10 Plays Of The Night | January 23, 2021

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Check out the top 10 plays of the night from January 23, featuring LeBron James, Zion Williamson, Joel Embiid and MORE!
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Lebron: gets an uncontested dunk
Nba: that is literally the best play ive ever seen

by Joshua Strauss 4 weeks ago

Goatmentator finally agreed on the contract extension. Welcome back!

by Ric Flair 4 weeks ago

there is no way that Jamal Murray's 3 is only #3

by Regor Jak 4 weeks ago

Lebron: Breathes
NBA top 10: That's coming in at number 1

by TEAM DRIVEN 4 weeks ago

If that dunk was by anyone other than Lebron it wouldn’t even be top 10

by casey rider 4 weeks ago

This Lebron dunk #1 in real life would not be in Top10.... Crowder buzzer, Adebayo alley oop... those were even better plays.

by Mikijs Mauss 4 weeks ago

Aaaand at number 1, LeBron has a sip from his drink bottle

by Robert Quint 4 weeks ago

This commentator should take on the next ufc heavyweight champion. Bars on bars on bars!!!

by shaun yam 4 weeks ago

Swat Zion’s shot back to his rookie year 👀

by Cyrus Tsang 4 weeks ago

"And the dude sportin' number 27 on his chest is colder than a speedo on mount everest." - GOATMENTATOR so damn lit today spittin one crazy bar after another one. Legend

by Marcus Trämmler 4 weeks ago

I thought they were gonna put on the security guard that got in between Kyrie and Bam after the game.

by Tobyn Cummins 4 weeks ago

Wow an open dunk is number 1 who would've thought

by Adi Suresh 4 weeks ago

I want these sound effects only when the GOAT is speaking, you hear me NBA?

by Ampik ! 4 weeks ago

The GOAT and other commentators' skill gap so wide it dont even fit on a map

by twitter sora 4 weeks ago

Brandon ingram with a bit of Hesitation
Then he goes and brings detonation
Naz reid goes Up
But it wouldn't be enough
to stop that stuff

by Owen Sunuwar 4 weeks ago

Back to back for the GOATmentator 🔥🔥

by Cyrus Tsang 4 weeks ago

No Jae’s OT 3 to send it to 2nd OT? K

by J Sulli 4 weeks ago

i would have thought Curry passing Reggie would be up there

by jlowe92 4 weeks ago

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