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Miami Heat vs Boston Celtics Full GAME 5 Highlights | NBA Playoffs

NBA Playoffs photo 1 Miami Heat vs Boston Celtics... NBA Playoffs photo 2 Miami Heat vs Boston Celtics... NBA Playoffs photo 3 Miami Heat vs Boston Celtics... NBA Playoffs photo 4 Miami Heat vs Boston Celtics...

how did herro go from klay Thompson to Danny green in 48hrs

by eltoro gillz 1 week ago

We have a series on our hands people I still think the heat will give the Lakers/ nuggets the biggest problems tho.

by I'm Tyrone 1 week ago

Couldn't do this before, Celtics?

by Hyde Seaik 1 week ago

The only thing that concerns me is that Jae Crowder is 0 from the 3pt line. Imagine if those shots went in it will be a different story. Nice game by the Celtics though. On to the next one Heat. We still up in the series.

by Jone Manuel 1 week ago

Tatum is smart, using his elbow

by 이승주 1 week ago

Like I've been saying, heat in 6

by Mr.E 1 week ago

So we not gonna talk about this pass???? 😬

by Jalen C 1 week ago

NBA Refs seem to prioritize fun over fairness

by Jackson P 1 week ago

Nice.J hope Nuggs will copy this game and make 3:2 .

by Dragan Kitanovic 1 week ago

Cheering for the Heat, thought they had this, but Boston with the great defense in the 2nd half - still think the Heat win this, but glad this is becoming a good series

by Brian Smith 1 week ago

The flame has dissipated in the fourth quarter, it will return in the next game.

by RipeApple 1 week ago

Heat je vodio rezultatom nakon prva 24 minuta, no potom su Celticsi ubacili "u brzinu više" i preokrenuli, te na kraju zabilježili pobjedu.

by Cisla Trans 1 week ago

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