6 months ago
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I shaved my eyebrows so I can try EYEBROW TATTOOS

Naomi Jon photo 1 I shaved my eyebrows so... Naomi Jon photo 2 I shaved my eyebrows so... Naomi Jon photo 3 I shaved my eyebrows so... Naomi Jon photo 4 I shaved my eyebrows so...

The tattoos look so real for a second I thought you didn’t shave your eyebrows at the end

by Sara 6 months ago

I love how casual Naomi is just shaving her eyebrows off like no big deal

by Dani Coronel 6 months ago

this would be so dope for someone with alopecia or hair loss

by MK Hubbard 6 months ago

You can just put a straight one on your leftie and an arched one on your righty to look suspicious 24/7, LOVE IT

by BlackWidow 6 months ago

All Kim Lianne watchers:


by mimi lobsa 5 months ago

But these are like the most natural looking fake brows ever!!!

by Let Me Say This 6 months ago

I just love how she doesn’t care about what anyone thinks. I waNT tO bE lIkE hER WhEn I gRoW uP :)

by JustAnotherMultiStan 6 months ago

“Am I the only one who constantly hurts herself? Like, just like, in everyday life?”
Me: Physically or emotionally?

by Chaotic Scone 6 months ago

Next video: i shaved my hair so i can try on wigs.

by Lisa Donker 6 months ago

"I don't understand how much a person can hurt themselves on accident"
Also Naomi- waving scissors in the air while asking this.

by Kayla-Marie Albert 6 months ago

Naomi: does anybody else hurt themselves all the time?
Me: no
Naomi: scrapes the eyebrow off with the scissors.

by speechlessmakeup 6 months ago

Does she not realise that the eyebrows get smaller as they go up the list

by Amy Louise Warren 6 months ago

“It’s not easy living your life as an idiot”
I felt that 🥺🤣

by Panda Love 5 months ago

Wait the cake convo was so confusing whaat?
Him: Do you want cake?
Her: Yeah what kind?
Him: I don't know I thought YOU had cake?

Like excuse me?

by Books Rebound 6 months ago

„It‘s not easy living your life as an idiot“ Naomi Jon, 2020

by Paola Mec 6 months ago

"you know,it's not easy living your life as an idiot"
-Naomi Jon, 2020

This is a mood

I can relate girl ...

by Jess Sullivan 6 months ago

imagine you get in a fight and someone snatches your eyebrows I’m-

by Zhané Spann 6 months ago

shaves off eyebrows*...*drinks water-“that was three sips of water. I’m crazy.”😂

by Kimberly M 6 months ago

“There is a hole in me eyebrow” me: immediately thinks of corpse bride “there is an eye in me soup”

by zoe dockstader 6 months ago

let me act suprised like i didnt see this coming:


by shakur vdm 6 months ago

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