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We BROKE Cars in Fortnite

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How does Fortnite break every update WITHOUT FAIL
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Muselk photo 1 We BROKE Cars in Fortnite Muselk photo 2 We BROKE Cars in Fortnite Muselk photo 3 We BROKE Cars in Fortnite Muselk photo 4 We BROKE Cars in Fortnite

When people actually picked him up off the road it makes me feel a little bit better about the society of Fortnite

by Colossus Rogue X 1 month ago

Everyone: In 2020 we are going to have flying cars

Fortnite: Ask and you shall receive

by Jiei Ota 1 month ago

I can’t wait for the notice to here from epic games that says “due to an issue, we have temporarily disabled cars”
- Epic games

by Not Alicia 1 month ago

We have a Ron Weasley over here in his flying car 😂😂

by Lena Buena 1 month ago

“Who trees to murder their customers? That’s a terrible business model!”
c o u g h c o u g h c i g a r e t t e c o m p a n i e s

by Iam Dot957 1 month ago

Epic games: “bruh”

Muselk: we got some content!!!yeeees!

by G3D MATRIX 1 month ago

Fortnite tomorrow: Due to issues the following are currently disabled: "Muselk".

by Galaxy Games 1 month ago

Me: get in the van

Muselk: get in the taxi

by Ollie Hopkins 1 month ago

"Who murders their own customer? That's a terrible business model."
The American healthcare system.

by Hope in the Interstice 1 month ago

muselk: “that is for all my taxi bro’s doing it hard”

by TheVoidWalker 1 month ago

Muselk: I don’t mind showing this bc it’s dum
1 hour later :muselk gets banned
also muselk: crying in the corner of his room

by Local Gamer 1 month ago

Muselk: breaks fortnite, does teaming, makes random guy fly in a truck and die
Epic Games: ''Imma pretend i didnt see that''

by LV.10 BOT 1 month ago

When I tried teaming with someone with cars I got kicked for teaming.

by Jonah Hill 1 month ago

"Muselk never misses"
Literally misses next shot

by Davis Forsythe 1 month ago

Me: time to go to sleep

YouTube: wHaT yOuR gRaNdMaS fAvOrItE bIrD sAiS aBoUt YoU

Me: not time to go to sleep

by Anoobis 1 month ago

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