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The *NEW* MYTHIC Mushroom Challenge (0.00001% chance)

Muselk photo 1 The *NEW* MYTHIC Mushroom Challenge... Muselk photo 2 The *NEW* MYTHIC Mushroom Challenge... Muselk photo 3 The *NEW* MYTHIC Mushroom Challenge... Muselk photo 4 The *NEW* MYTHIC Mushroom Challenge...

To anyone reading this, have a great day.

by BolderYT 1 month ago

The people who thought he was going to find the mushroom like this

by TonksXD Gaming 3 weeks ago

Love the fact they add a mystical mushroom when thereโ€™s no land and add a mythic goldfish when thereโ€™s no water... make sense

by BWA Cyro 1 month ago

โ€œGet me in the waffleโ€
-Muselk 2020

by Hobby Man 2 days ago


muselk after every kill: ohhohohoho, ayheyheyheyhey

muselk when he dies: WhaT?? WHy is hE So SwEAtY??? HoW?

by Se Go 1 month ago

This is literally 1,000,000 times less cool than the mythic fish.

The mythic fish was a throwable item that did 200 damage while also slowly giving you heals and being able to revive teammates instantly by throwing it at them.

This gives you 100 shield......

by Vulturee 1 month ago

Does anyone get angry when you find a upgrade bench and thatโ€™s pretty much it

Possibly the worst update ever

by Leo is a Gamer 1 month ago

I saw it before I thought it was a decayed mushroom๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜‚

by VST Nyl 3 weeks ago

Alternate title:
Australian man succumbs to his Shroom addiction

by Atharv Madne 1 month ago

Muselk: we are gonna eat 2 mushrooms so we aren't one shot by a sniper.
Me: isn't the gold bolt in the game

by Team_Detonation 1 month ago

they spawn at WAILING WOODS ๐Ÿ˜‚

by BigS Hippo 1 month ago

Fresh: let me tell you... that happened to me... and I was embarrassed

by MrMythical 1 month ago

Fun fact: People who comment first havenโ€™t watched the vid

by Adanode 1 month ago


by PHENOM :D 1 month ago

Plot twist: Muselk completely forgot about the Mythic mushroom

by Praiyada Urbani 1 month ago

hmmmmmmm, I spy with my little eye an eight little blue thing

by Chinchi Huang Di 1 month ago

Muselk: Mythic mushroom challenge
Also muselk: there is no mythic mushroom in a match

by Sonny Jones 1 month ago

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