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My Friend *HID* My Pet Sheep HERE In Minecraft!

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Muselk photo 1 My Friend *HID* My Pet... Muselk photo 2 My Friend *HID* My Pet... Muselk photo 3 My Friend *HID* My Pet... Muselk photo 4 My Friend *HID* My Pet...


by Muselk 1 year ago

lol if you watch bazza's video you will know that he accidentally killed the original pete

by Grolsch 1 year ago

I like how he spent 3 hours making a memorial for a sheep that wasnโ€™t Pete

by Yum 1 year ago

The way bazz got pete up there is because hes so tall

by SSKDenki 1 year ago

Muselk: nooo Pete.
Little does he know that bazz killed the real Pete ages ago

by JakeSquid08 7 months ago

LMAO he makes a whole grave for the wrong pete LMAO

by ลynk 8 months ago

Pewds: i made a watersheep face with a redstone opening

Muselk: WriTe ThAT dOwN

by Eskii NZL 1 year ago

โ€œThe fish tank is clearly drunk and it is not behaving properlyโ€

by Christian Rennegarbe 8 months ago

The voice crack in the first 3 seconds of the video

by Alex Valencia 1 year ago

Do u guys remember back in the Egyptian times? -Muselk 2019

by Corn Hub 1 year ago

When he realises that the memorial remains aren't actually pete's because bazza killed the original one and got another sheep and called it Pete

by Abubakr Mehmood 19 hours ago

itโ€™s a coincidence That the message in the logo says โ€œsomethingโ€™s not rightโ€

by Nate0sauras 9 months ago

"It's time for us to go on a naked mission" Muselk 2019

by Eero Lotan 4 months ago

muselk: its going to be the best monument ever

water sheep: HA he tried it

by Brody Crispin 1 year ago

'The fish tank is clearly drunk and is not behaving properly'
Muselk 2019.

by Sally Stephen 8 months ago

Kills Pete looks in sky and said SEEING him up there makes me sad

by HENRY ISAACS 8 months ago

Famous last words "It's time to orchestrate my Escape"

by royal1 1 year ago

Pete was all ready dead before when he was trying to get him up there, so he just named that sheep Pete.

by Epic Gamer 1 year ago

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