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going MAXIMUM SPEED In Fortnite (very dumb)

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I didnt even know this was possible...
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Muselk photo 1 going MAXIMUM SPEED In Fortnite... Muselk photo 2 going MAXIMUM SPEED In Fortnite... Muselk photo 3 going MAXIMUM SPEED In Fortnite... Muselk photo 4 going MAXIMUM SPEED In Fortnite...

: Muselk : this can't be possible

gets it next attempt

by Tempest 9 months ago

The map gives me flashbacks of me on a water slide

by LEOplayz 9 months ago

Muselk: “We’ll see how fast we can go in Fortnite Battle Royale”

Also Muselk: Plays a Fortnite Creative Map

by TNTomahawk 9 months ago

when your mum shuts u out coz ur not allowed to watch “grown up” shows

by Angus Macfarlane 6 months ago

Muselk: Ever since I was a wee Deathrunner, I’ve always wanted to be the Flash ☝️

by ChillDonnie 9 months ago

being in quarantine really helps the whole “i’m early” factor of youtube i literally have NOTHING else to do.

by Phoenixx 9 months ago

Muselk, that was literally my favorite video ever to watch! It was amazing! Could you do hide and see with your squad of Fresh and others again?! Those are super entertaining

by Daniel Russo 9 months ago

what was muselk doing with that toilet roll

by lil oof yeet 9 months ago

He says the death run has all of his worst fears, when he only has one: doors.

by Prime Shadow 9 months ago

I'm surprised that you didn't make any "I am speed kachow" memes

by Jay Bello 9 months ago

The flash: “I am the fastest man alive” Muselk: “hold my beer”

by Tobyyy 9 months ago

The Hotwheels music in the background lmao!!

by Hunter Berg 9 months ago

“this is beautiful” at a rainbow colored speed run😂

by La Leaf 9 months ago

Muselk sees 1 door. “This deathrun has all my fears in it.”

by Ryan Rech 9 months ago

You’ll never catch me crabs... not after I shift in to Maximum overdrive!

by Icedragon 9 months ago

"Now we've o"fish"ally beaten the map"

Yeah, that did look like and "egg"cellent bonus room.

by EpiX _ 9 months ago

“I am going through that door if its the last thing I do”

by Dr Jekyll 1 week ago

Muselk: I’m going make it next try
(1million tries later)
Also muselk: I’ll get it next try

by Jake Stanton 9 months ago

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