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CHEATING to get 4000+ HEALTH (very OP)

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Literally free wins EVERY game with this. I LOVE IT!
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Muselk photo 1 CHEATING to get 4000+ HEALTH... Muselk photo 2 CHEATING to get 4000+ HEALTH... Muselk photo 3 CHEATING to get 4000+ HEALTH... Muselk photo 4 CHEATING to get 4000+ HEALTH...


by Muselk 1 year ago

Epic: we have temporarily disabled shields due to smart players

by Clipzpapi 1 year ago

Who’s here in 2020 when chug jugs are vaulted

by Howard Robinson 7 months ago

"this mode is not about fighting." as he has 10 kills

by mrs gacha 1 year ago

Muselk: puts meme and intelligence in the same sentence

Me: do you know what meme means?

by Cefro 7 months ago

Poor black Knight he must be exploding from al that shield juice XD

by Tobiah De Rijk 1 year ago

You should do a challenge where you can only use what the tip says in the loading screen

Edit: Thanks for the likes 🙏🏼

by Vice Patriot 1 year ago

Muselk: I didn't know he was overhealed

Bro u hit him for 35

by Makhi Maker 9 months ago

everyone: how are you alive?

Muselk: CUZ I'M BLUE

by ShadowXRouge 1 year ago

Muselk:"I've sworn off weapons"
Has 10 kills to his name.

by XxAuzzashxX yt 1 year ago

Epic: Ok, Bots what would you like the shield cap to be?

Noobs: yes.

by Mockz 1 year ago

the entire lobby when I try to pop a medkit after 2 fights

by Jackson Bruegger 1 year ago

Muselk: *posts video

Us: Hmmm I can do that

Muselk in a game: Aw co’mon

by i cri twce 1 year ago

Apparently I started watching and stopped so when I came back all I heard was Muselk saying "Chug Jug"

by maleficent1977 1 year ago

This game mode isn't about fighting. SAYS THE MAN WITH 10 KILLS

by Toby Hanke 1 year ago

: "Everyone get in a circle around me and unload on my face".
I think I've seen this in another video on the internet.

by DunkerDonnie 35 1 year ago

Musel: starts an intro
Muselk's voice: ah sh*t here we go again

by Ricky911 1 year ago

“This game isn’t about fighting” as he has 10 kills

by Serbando Jauregui 1 year ago

LmAo you got me so hyped “all right one more victory” skips to u hiding

by Sky 1 year ago

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