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Matty Matheson's Finger Lickin’ Butter Chicken

Munchies photo 1 Matty Matheson's Finger Lickin’ Butter... Munchies photo 2 Matty Matheson's Finger Lickin’ Butter... Munchies photo 3 Matty Matheson's Finger Lickin’ Butter... Munchies photo 4 Matty Matheson's Finger Lickin’ Butter...

what kind of monster puts a used wooden spoon full of sauce back to the clean ones xD

by N Nguyen 1 year ago

"heavy cream..we're gonna add one cup."
Adds one bottle

by Higginz1991 1 year ago

A little tip to elevate the dish, marinate the chicken in a chicken tikka seasoning and pan fry or barbeque it. Add dried fenugreek leaves with all the masala powders he's adding.

And if you want to thicken the curry(make it richer) add cashew paste. Have fun!

by Siddhartha Verma 1 year ago

You know when a cook doesn’t measure anything they’re good

by Blake Jelus 1 year ago

"little bit of olive oil,"

"2 shots of vodka,"

by Optimus Prime 2 years ago

I can't believe Matty got through a whole episode without screaming or yelling.

by Kris Duhaime 1 month ago

This guy looks like he should be either driving trucks, selling antiques at his local pawn shop or the drummer of a semi-hardcore rock band.

by Åce The Åłien 6 months ago

MM is like if Chris Pratt went the other way physically in 2014

by Jake Heffner 1 year ago

He looks like somebody you’d run into walking into a gas station bathroom as he’s walking out and you discover he dropped a huge load and didn’t flush. I wouldn’t eat ANYTHING this millennial slob made. 🤢🤢🤢

by Silly Goose 21 hours ago

Everyday i watch matts videos just to kill my depression for a while, i just love this dude. He a real one

by Ezequiel T 5 months ago

We’re just gonna add a LITTLE bit of olive oil. About 6 TABLESPOONS

by Mike C 8 months ago

3 tablespoons of turmeric? dude, that's probably my weekly usage.

by haz mat 4 months ago

Cooked this on the last day of 2019 for a party of 15. Turned out amazing. Thanks Man.

by binni0z 7 months ago

Doctor: why are you here?

Me: I ate butter chicken.

by Robin Hood 10 months ago

"a little bit of olive oil" .... "about 6 TABLESPOONS" that's almost half a cup!

by Sleepy Butterfly 2 months ago

I just stuffed my faced but that still looks soooo good

by Sohrob Ganjbaksh 1 year ago

That “heavy cream” looks like milk 🤔

by Jobin McGooch 2 months ago

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