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What's the Fastest Way to Travel in Minecraft 1.14?

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Travelling long distances in Minecraft doesn't have to be a painful experience, there are some methods that make it incredibly fast! But what is the fastest? This video will tell you!
For every block that a player travels in the Nether, they travel 8 blocks in the over world.
So if you have a nether portal at 0,0 in the overworld, and another nether portal at 0, 800; then to connect them up in the nether you would have one at 0,0 and another at 0,100.. Meaning you have travelled 800 over world blocks by going 100 blocks in the nether! Hope this makes sense!
SIMPLY SARC AND HIS MAD TELEPORTER, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZp9o...
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Just a top tip!
Actually watch the full video before chiming in with your โ€˜fastest way to travelโ€™. Almost every one I have seen so far is actually in the video! ๐Ÿ˜‚

by Mumbo Jumbo 1 year ago

Mumbo! How could you? You forgot the fastest method; a pig and a carrot on a stick

by someone 1 year ago

Does anyone remember when powered rails were actually fast

by babushkas kompot 5 months ago

He forgot the fastest one, Death: INSTANT TRAVEL

by Lemuel Fiegl 5 months ago

"It needs to be raining."
So... 99% of the time in any minecraft server I've been in.

by MaelstromTranquil 3 months ago

He forgot the fastest: A bed in nether to a bed in overworld. we literally move between dimensions.

by Vignesh Rokzz 4 months ago

Meanwhile in an alternate future, in MineCraft 1.67
"Remember when Riptide 3 Elytra on storms was considered fast? Lol"

by Majax Plop 4 months ago

Remember when travelong on powered rails felt like you where going lightning fast?

by [insert_name] 5 months ago

When mumbo jumbo sees the soulspeed glitch he is gonna throw this out the window.

by Donkey 5 months ago

Elytra plus riptide spear in the rain is like being a human jet

by Auburn Bright 4 months ago

The fastest way to travel is running away from a creeper on 1 hp and having some dimonds on you

Edit: Aww man I never got this many likes!

by Mateusz Ponikowski 1 year ago

For anyone who wants to know: in 1.16 the fastest way to travel is soul soil with one block deep water on top of it and boots with depthstrider 3 and soul speed 3 and a dolphin on a leed following you.

by CheeseToaster ' 2 months ago

Mumbo: Powered rails are quite an expensive endeavor
Me in 2020: *grinds gold farm for 1 hour and gets enough gold to create a 700 block powered rail track *

by Luca DiVincenzo 2 months ago

THe teleportation one just annoyed me at how "slow" he was typing XD

by Xenova Gaming 2 months ago

Horses: โ€œAm I a joke to you?โ€

by Chkn Cat 4 months ago

Sound: "Yeah I'm pretty fast"
Some dude rowing on ice: breaks sounds barrier

by Quarbit Gaming 1 year ago

Using boat on blue ice in the nether is actually faster than teh speed of sound. lol

by Mensch Maier 4 months ago

"Hopefully that keeps you smart people quiet"
Instantly looks at dislikes

by Joshua Hirst 1 month ago

Here it is:
Sprinting: 5.6 b/s
Powered rails: 7.9 b/s
Ice jumping with trapdoors: 15 b/s
Ice jumping: 16.9 b/s
Blue ice jumping: 17.4 b/s
Blue ice jumping speed 2: 18.7 b/s
Piston bolt: 20 b/s
Teleporting: 20 b/s
Diagonal piston bolt: 28 b/s
Boat on packed ice: 32.9 b/s
Elytra and rockets: 33.3 b/s
Boat on packed ice after acceleration: 39.7 b/s
Boat on blue ice: 45 b/s
Dolphins grace: 55.6 b/s
Boat on blue ice after acceleration: 62.5 b/s
Dolphins grace and speed 2: 74.1 b/s
Elytra and riptide 3 trident: 125 b/s
Ender cannon: 60,000 blocks instantly

by Joseph Izu 3 months ago

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