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Self Building Nether Tunnels in Minecraft 1.16

#Mumbo Jumbo #Mumbo redstone video #Nether Tunnels in Minecraft #self building bridge in Minecraft #Gaming
In todays Mumbo redstone video, we go into the latest pre-release of Minecraft 1.16, making use of the new game mechanic of putting ice over soul soil to create basalt in Lava lakes, I have created a self building bridge in Minecraft that covers the player from ghasts, looks awesome, and works incredibly fast using slimeblock flying machines! Perfect for those who want to traverse the minecraft nether in the new Minecraft nether update.
Filming channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/ThatMumboJumbo2
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/officialmumbo/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ThatMumboJumbo

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Mumbo Jumbo photo 1 Self Building Nether Tunnels in... Mumbo Jumbo photo 2 Self Building Nether Tunnels in... Mumbo Jumbo photo 3 Self Building Nether Tunnels in... Mumbo Jumbo photo 4 Self Building Nether Tunnels in...

Mumbo: "I've got my fingers crossed"

Me: "is he holding shift again?"

by Lil Bram 1 months ago

Mumbo jumbo starting the industrial revolution like “it’s quite simple”

by Gav Art 1 months ago

Mumbo: [Enters the Nether]
Lava Oceans: "Why do I hear boss music?"

by Nitro Light 1 months ago

genie: you can have one wish.
me: I want a dragon!
genie: how about something more realistic?
me: I want my redstone skills to be as good as mumbo jumbo!
genie: what color do you want your dragon?
me: red.

by FancyBosco 1 weeks ago

When you realise, a red stone flying machine can build a better bridge than yours.

by Xalad Loves Games 1 months ago

Next time: build a train that builds its own tracks as it is going

by Jossen 1 months ago

Imagine if mumbo made tutorials for all his builds. Minecraft technological development would advance exponentially

by ZetaPrime 77 1 months ago

What will take longer:
-Actually building the bridges by hand
-Engineering a massive slime/honey block flying machine that will build it forever

by Divlocket 1 months ago

Mumbo: is in creative mode

Also mumbo: has fire resistance

by Juuso Mäenpää 4 weeks ago

everyone when they first started playing minecraft

by Not to Flex 1 months ago

When you realize that the actual machine could be used as a bridge

by FireboltGaming 1 months ago

Me: YESS I finally mastered the 2 by 2 piston doors I’m such a pro at redstone
Mumbo: well yes but actually no.

by Noah Wennekes 4 weeks ago

my brain hurts

every word you said I didn’t understand
(even the word “the” )

by Ethan Chung 1 months ago

Let's be honest, none of us understands a single thing, we're all here for the last minute to see it in action

by Hahgs kajshdhd 3 weeks ago

“It’s been built from nothing”, all the redstone, pistons, and observers: “What am I, a joke to you?”

by Joey L 1 months ago

"it's kinda simple" he says. still fully convinced he's a freaking wizard

by Abigail Burns 1 months ago

Imagine creating this thing in a lava lake that seems big and then the lake is not as you thinked

by jose karam 1 months ago

mumbo: "its like a gigantic steamroller"
for those of you who do not understand the joke, in the third part of jojo * SPOILERS *
the main character gets smashed with a giant steamroller

by Trollip0p 14 hours ago

Mumbo: "It started as nothing, it started as lava"

*sad lava noises*

by Clash Robert 1 months ago

I immediately started singing: SECRET TUNNEL!

by Fleur Bovens 1 months ago

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