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Mumbo Jumbo photo 1 MUMBO SPOON Mumbo Jumbo photo 2 MUMBO SPOON Mumbo Jumbo photo 3 MUMBO SPOON Mumbo Jumbo photo 4 MUMBO SPOON

1. 'Shouldnt this be on the vlogging channel?' Nope, it relates directly to the gaming channel so it belongs on here. Just because I have a separate channel for my films doesn't mean I can't post anouncement vlogs on here!

2. 'You copied Grian!' Grian and I both use the same merchandise comapny (Cap n Cook!). We discussed ideas for products and came up with the little plushy guy. We originally talked about releasing them at the same time, or at least referencing each others plushy in the announcement video but eventually that fell through!

3. 'Are you left handed!?' Yes!

4. 'Is this the only video today?' No! Redstone will be coming later.

by Mumbo Jumbo 3 years ago

YouTube three years ago: nah, this isn’t important yet
YouTube now: so you’re interested, we’ll, here is an offer that ended three years ago!

by Helen Tenner 5 months ago

Make an actual spoon with a Mumbo face on the handle!

by Daisy R 3 years ago

This looked like a no smoking add at the beginning!! Lol 😂

by SpudLord 3 years ago

this is totally random, but I didn't know you were left handed...

by NAME NAME NAME 3 years ago

YouTube 3 years later: let’s recommend this to everyone

by Corbin's world 3 weeks ago

Me when I see mumbo’s face: That voice doesn’t belong to that man O.o

Me now: Good to see your face again Mumbo

Anyone else agree...

by TheChosenOne IsAwsome 5 months ago

That moment when you remember how good a film maker Mumbo is.

by Solomon Traynor 5 months ago

So sad I found you 3 years later ;_;

by Mag Eagle 3 weeks ago

Ah yes the story of the depressed utensil, sad sad story.

by Obscure Genesis 1 year ago

Mumbo: “try and do a motivational fitness video”
Mumbo one second later: yoda death sound

by steverman 4 months ago

Wait, Ollie is Left-Handed?!
I think i figured out why he pushes shift with his thumb...
Edit: Did I spell his name wrong? If i did I’m sorry. I’m american so It’s different.

by Pilot Plays 5 months ago

Me: hears about bundle YEEEESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me: hears “limited” Nooooooooo

by Sophocles 10 months ago

Why did I get this it’s two years later I got it in recommend

by Aidan Bolten 5 months ago

Mumbo I named my Diamond Shovel "Diamond Spoon" because you are amazing!

by JJ's animations 5 months ago

YouTube was 3 years late to tell me about this, THREEE YEAAAARS!

by Beh 1 month ago

You said that like you were announcing someone’s death
That scared me

by Potatocow27 1 month ago

It’s so weird looking at u and hearing ur voice at the same time it’s so unusually different

by Ryan Murray 6 months ago

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