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Making a NETHER GATEWAY in Minecraft 1.16!

#Nether update features #Redstone #minecraft 20w06a #Nether gateway #Gaming
Making a NETHER GATEWAY in Minecraft 1.16! This massive redstone portal has been constructed in Minecraft snapshot 20W06A, with a bunch of the new Nether Update Features - This Minecraft update is looking really interesting, and the Nether Gateway is the perfect way to make use of these Nether update new features.
Filming channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/ThatMumboJumbo2
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/officialmumbo/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ThatMumboJumbo

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Mumbo Jumbo photo 1 Making a NETHER GATEWAY in... Mumbo Jumbo photo 2 Making a NETHER GATEWAY in... Mumbo Jumbo photo 3 Making a NETHER GATEWAY in... Mumbo Jumbo photo 4 Making a NETHER GATEWAY in...

"I think I want something like this on the Hermitcraft server"
Get ready for the netherite grind

by Royce Heflin 6 months ago

finally mumbo sees his contraptions as most of us do: "look theres just pistons and things everywhere"

by greg jorda 5 months ago

“Mumbo Jumbo and the Goblet of Fire”

by GamingKnight 4 months ago

Accidentally turns the flame into orange.

Nether: Wait that's illegal.

by VITTXRIO 5 months ago

Me: doesn’t even have corners on my portal
Mumbo: ⬆️

by White Boy Willy 5 months ago

Mumbo: actually says this contraption is NOT easy
Everyone: apocalypse sounds

by GroX24 6 months ago

Mumbo: “All my thoughts are filled with Nether ideas.”
Me: Another honey block.

by Stamper06 5 months ago

Mumbo: Spends a whole video making a giant cool nether portal
Also Mumbo: Doesn't even walk through the portal in the end

by Jeremy T 1 month ago

Mumbo: This is a giant build ....

Grian: Hold my beer

Mumbo: .... with redstone

Poultry Man sneaks away

by Anuja Nimesh 4 months ago

Mumbo: Pours lava into the goblet

The entire world: Hedwig’s theme intensifies

by Jonathan 5 months ago

Mumbo: I want this on Hermitcraft

Also Mumbo: uses years worth of netherite blocks

by Also Mr. Sir 6 months ago

“How many nether portals do you want?”
Mumbo jumbo: yes

by mompernl 5 months ago

Nether Portal 2010: Simple 4 by 5 frame of obsidian
Nether Portal 2020: This crap that we just saw

by SourLemon100000 5 months ago

My brain: hm i really hope he’s gonna make all the portals activate in a spiral


Me: that absolute madlad he actually did it

by Stijn Tak 5 months ago

mumbo "i want to build this on the hermitcraft server"

not enough netherite "hold my tea"

by noncop 5 months ago

"Standard spiral"
Yeah Mumbo.. "standard"..... sure..

by Laureen 5 months ago

Mumbo: I want to make a goblet of something, Fire or lava
Me: Harry Potter?

by Lily Flowers 5 months ago

"I want to make something like this on hermitcraft"
*Ancient debris exterminated from server by 100000000%*

by BOTFrosty 5 months ago

“I’m fairly certain that made sense. I don’t know if it actually made sense, but I think it made sense” - Mumbo when he’s talking to non Minecraft players

by Lee Likes Lemons 1 month ago

"I don't have anything in my head other than the nether"

Honey blocks: I used to rule this world

by chris playz24 6 months ago

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