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Killing the Ender Dragon with Redstone!

#1.8 #Family Friendly #vanilla #MumboJumbo #Gaming
Today we try and kill the Ender Dragon using redstone!
SPOILER ALERT: It works.. Kind of. This was actually a much bigger challenge than I was first expecting, but it was a heck of a lot of fun to try out!.
I KILL IT HERE! https://youtu.be/jQ9TUoZNzGw
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Mumbo Jumbo photo 1 Killing the Ender Dragon with... Mumbo Jumbo photo 2 Killing the Ender Dragon with... Mumbo Jumbo photo 3 Killing the Ender Dragon with... Mumbo Jumbo photo 4 Killing the Ender Dragon with...

Just kill the end dragon with a sword named redstone

by xXMr.GeniusXx 3 years ago

Mumbo’s next episode of hermitcraft is going to be called, “Enderdragon Farm”

by rockdyog 5 months ago

Mumbo: why is this not killing him!
End crystals: hey

by TheUglyBarnacle 3 months ago

Mumbo: Give him hell, bois

The iron golems: Well now I'm not doing it

by Andrew Pinsky 5 months ago

“When you kill the end boss the credits roll”
’Consider Subscribing’ pops up on screen

by YTfandom055 ツ 4 months ago

Killing Dragon with redstone! ❌
Kill my computer with redstone✅

by Mr _AbduLR7MN 1 year ago

"We've killed a lot of endermen"
Endermen, being impossible to kill with projectiles due to teleportation mechanics: 👀

by Dio 2 months ago

Mumbo: We can take him out, notch by notch!

Notch: That hurts, Mumbo.

by Nerdy Kiddo 1 month ago

everyone: so if you want to beat the ender dragon get 5 potions fully enchanted netherite swo-
me: 10 beds EZ

by TheFanWhoIs 3 months ago

U know who would survive that creeper explosion?


by Priest 1 year ago

TNT: “does damage”
Mumbo jumbo: ok now we have our endgame weapon

by rayn season 2 months ago

Mumbo, “How is he not dying?”
Me, Laughs in flickering the lever multiple times

by Samuel Parsons 2 weeks ago

He says realistically while he is trying to blow up a dragon with explosives

by Kevin Preston 4 months ago

Mumbos probably gonna destroy the whole end and not destroying the dragon

by CapitalJs 4 months ago

"All that for a drop of blood"

by Ethan 1 year ago

When the Ender Dragon gets killed in Hermitcraft, things are only just getting started

by Blake M 2 weeks ago

"It's not doing anything" Literally your CPU is on fire

by AaronMcBuilder 2 weeks ago

Mumbo: lets find out if tnt is the way; “evil laughter”

by Nicolas Thompson 4 months ago

"It doesn't damage"
Ender crystals: Of course we're here.

by Sir John 4 months ago

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