i made a machine with every block in minecraft

mumbo-jumbo photo 1 i made a machine with... mumbo-jumbo photo 2 i made a machine with... mumbo-jumbo photo 3 i made a machine with... mumbo-jumbo photo 4 i made a machine with...

You could totally use this as a “secure” vault. Secure meaning whoever’s trying to break in just gets impatient and leaves before it actually opens.

by Hanny B. 3 months ago

"if this works first try I'll eat my hat" GET TO EATING BUDDY

by Tyson Dickson 3 months ago

“I can’t do anything with buttons as inputs”

Arrows: am I a joke to you?

by Owen Toad 3 months ago

Her: "I bet he's thinking about other girls."

What he's actually thinking about:

by Rubik The Geek 3 months ago

“Thanks for letting me see your base.”

“No problem, right this way!”

“Okay, just push this button and the doors will open.”


Pushes button

“It’ll take a little bit.”

2 minutes later

“Uhh...is the door broken? How long is this going to take?”

“Shh! I think I can hear the villager running through the doors!”


by TheProGaming 42 3 months ago

When Mumbo was testing the machine I felt like I was watching one of those horse races listening to the announcers

by Billy Mahoney 3 months ago

But, he didn’t put a cake in. Failure!

by Alex Keeley 3 months ago

other people: arrows can hit wooden buttons.
me: he didn't use the activator rail for anything it can do. Like lighting tnt minecarts and kicking entities out of minecarts.

by Caged Egg 3 months ago

“I can’t do anything with buttons”
Me: um... Dispenser+Arrow+Button=I think you’re wrong actually

by Anarchist Banana 3 months ago

"I paid for the whole Minecraft I'll use the whole Minecraft">

by E030E03 3 months ago

The most useless door opener, made out of every material known to steve-kind, can be all yours for just the modest sum of $399.99.

by Kaleb Mitchell 3 months ago

I think we can all agree if mumbo becomes mayor he should turn the entire shopping district into a flying machine and fly off into he distance

by Dan Lemmone 3 months ago

"i've used every block of this section already"
Glowstone: Am I a joke to you?

by Cringy Boi 3 months ago

Mumbo: builds contraption to open door

Me: puts button on floor next to the door to open the door

Mumbo: well now you’ve just ruined it

by Scott Fitzgerald 3 months ago

Whenever someone asks how to do a double iron door set, send this video. It’s the perfect tutorial
P.S thx for the likes😄

by Jordan Tucker 3 months ago

"if this works first time i will eat my hat"

i kinda wanna see that

by Fewless 3 months ago

Literally hours and hours of work and testing
Mumbo: "That was pretty good"

by Vore 3 months ago

"I will eat my hat if this works first time."

by coolrandomstuff 3 months ago

Hey Mumbo, there's this youtuber named GJharlen who's reuploading yours Grians and Iskalls content.

by Joy Mitchell 3 months ago

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