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Hermitcraft 7: Episode 30 - NETHER MASTER

#Minecraft 1.16 #GRUMBOT #Hermitcraft 7 #Hermitcraft Mumbo #Gaming
Minecraft 1.16, The Nether Update has been released, and the Hermitcraft Server has updated! We go out looking for Minecraft Netherite, build up a new structure in the Mumbo mega base using basalt and blackstone, and finalize the MUMBO FOR MAYOR campaign with GRUMBOT having a very very bad day.
Filming channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/ThatMumboJumbo2
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/officialmumbo/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ThatMumboJumbo

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Hermit Challenges: Make a Netherite Beacon

by xBreadGuy _ 1 months ago

Mumbo: Who does this guy think he is destroying my door?
Me: He thinks he's Grian.

by Perfect Protagonist 1 months ago

Grumbot: dies

Grian and mumbo: OH NO, anyway

by RuBY REyEs 1 months ago

Grum bot: "What is love?"
Me: quietly "... Baby don't hurt me"

by Mason G. 1 months ago

Viewers: Why are you using tnt instead of beds to save diamonds and wouldnโ€™t have to waste time grinding san-

Grian/Mumbo: Haha tnt go boom

Edit: woa over a hundred likes. wish I had those in my own videos

by SamStorm 1 months ago

Grian: Mumbo will be pissed if he hears that I voted for Scar.

Mumbo: Grian will be pissed if he hears that I voted for Scar.

by Michael Wu 1 months ago

Saddest scene in the entire season: exists
Mumbo: laughs

by Giekkwyk 1 months ago

Mumbo having the door in his inventory: Me: "ok, he will put it down so that the water stops and then he will kill the piglin"
- "Ok, he has just tried to take off from his base and he can't 'cause of the water. He has surely fixed it in the cut.."
- "Ok? He still has the door in his inventory, he'll put it down now.."
- "OK?!? He still hasn't put the door back and he doesn't have it in his inventory anymore, but he surely won't finish the video without repairing it.."
- "See ya!!" "MUMBOOOOO!!!!!!!"

by Inventive Owl 1 months ago

Grian: makes tnt and sand prices really high
everyone: uses beds

Mumbo: doesn't now

by Bad Animation Studios 1 months ago

Nether hub idea: glass domes linking everyone up, and to distinguish the portals you use the most distinguishing color of the hermit.

Just like:
Slime: iskall
Red concrete: grian
White with black moustace: mumbo
Orange concrete: scar
Magenta concrete: stress
And so on

by Drawinggirl 1123 1 months ago

Please give Grumbot one last diamond that says "Your dads love you." He needs a proper sendoff :,(

by Seymour Disapproves 1 months ago

Mumbo: work on his mega base.
Zombies: I'm about to end this man's whole audio.

by Zahra Almeer 1 months ago

Mumbo: spends loads of time making self-building bridges out of basalt

Also Mumbo: "this is... that stuff"

by Matthew Po 1 months ago

Base suggestion:
1. Implement glow stone in the โ€œwrenchesโ€
2. Waterfall in the middle until bedrock

by Inaki Torres 1 months ago

This is solid proof that Mumbo and Grian share a brain cell.

by Ray 1 months ago

Is anyone concerned why he has a rendog head in his ender chest?

by tony potato 1 months ago

Mumbo: "I am currently last..."

Doc: "Am I a joke?"

by Mark Hashman 1 months ago

Scar just made his stone face so he's a hokage if his the mayor

by JOEGE 1 months ago

There is now a whole new meaning to his tools invulnerable to lava

by Grant Shelley 1 months ago

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